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Sexy girls of anime

Sexy girls of anime

Sexy girls of anime

Summer time! Senjougahara Hitagi listed 5 above is not in the vote list! Unfollow user. Everyone would agree she is beautiful, even Jean notices her. But the picture selection sucks. Wrapped into one menacing anime character. Follow user.

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He wishes on a magical cat statue to be able to speak up, but ends up swapping personality traits with several girls at his school. She seems like ankme average role model student with the perfect grades, the perfect friends, and the perfect smile. She has long legs, long auburn hair that extends to her knees, and amethyst-coloured eyes. But hey, that's not to say there aren't any gems to be found here. However, her big guns are nothing compared to her secret weapons of mass seduction. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Together, Michiko and Hana brave the intense heat of the South American sun while navigating the labyrinth of betrayal, poverty and violence that is Diamandra in order to find one man. Her long brown hair just Sexy girls of anime to top it all off and seeing it Sexy girls of anime in the wind, with animee skin glowing and a cigarette neatly tucked in between her luscious lips, is one of most aesthetically pleasing visuals in the show. Despite her perverted Latina boulder single gamer-centric nature, she is a capable fighter and uses the power of fire. Are we out of line for thinking she has the tsundere act down a little better than the prototypical tsundere goddess herself, Asuka Soryuu Langley? Me and my group has translated shows, manga, drama CDs and doujinshi.

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  • Unsurprisingly so, a question that often visits the minds of anime fans everywhere is one that bring heaps of heated debate to any discussion.
  • Everyone has their own favorite hot anime girl.
  • The main character is surrounded by amorous women.
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Member Favorites: Alex is a hot ex-prostitute who often assists Nicolas and Worick with work. One Piece. After breaking an obscenely expensive vase, she is forced to join the Host Club to work off her debt. You may disagree with our choices, but compiling a list of the sexiest anime girls we've ever seen stands tall in support of half the reason we watch anime in the first place. Now, they're in high school and those feelings have turned romantic

Sexy girls of anime

Sexy girls of anime

Sexy girls of anime

Sexy girls of anime

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The Top Hot Anime Girls

Ayu is one of the biggest anime fans out there and watches as many series as possible. One of the many reasons why we love anime so much are the countless beautiful characters. Their beauty and allure captures our hearts and keeps us up during the late hours for furious anime marathons!

Now, without further delay, I present to you my list of the most beautiful female anime characters of all time. Asuna is not just all beauty, she is also one of the best swordsman in the SAO universe.

Her unmatched speed and healing powers also earned her the titles of "The Flash" and "Berserk Healer. She is very kind and helpful and plays an instrumental role in the quest to escape from SAO. Her popularity started in the virtual world, but it spread widely both on and offline and in anime communities too! Her boyfriend Kirito is such a lucky guy. You may need an explanation of what bishoujo actually is.

It literally means pretty girl in Japanese. Within the anime fanbase, the term is used to generally refer to female characters that are young and attractive. The term is not typically used for female characters that are mature and sophisticated. Bishoujo characters often cater to a male audience and evoke a sense of cuteness.

While standard for the shoujo genre of anime, these characters can appear in a variety of genres as this list will illustrate. This amazing beauty can be both wild and loving at the same time.

She is a freshman law student that is always seen in stylish clothes. Despite her bratty attitude at times , she can be one of the most devoted girlfriends in anime. She can be a bit clingy at times, but that is only because she is so devoted. Smart, elegant, and loving, she is unforgettable!

Unless you have amnesia like her boyfriend Banri. She is a major reason why Golden Time ranks in at number five for the best romance anime of all time. She has a very active imagination and can get carried away with ideas. Because of her unquestionable womanly charms, she is often the subject of jealousy among girls her age, as we witnessed in Hueco Mundo. But anyone who dares to leave her off a list of beautiful anime women would incur the wrath of a fanbase scattered all over different worlds like Earth, the Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo!

Landing at number 12 on this list is Nisekoi 's protagonist Chitoge Kirisaki. She is one of the youngest and most energetic characters on this list. She is unique in that she is half-American and grew up in the US. She can be forgetful at times and be quick to attack but she is very nice once she gets to know someone. She starts out as being rather cold due to having difficulty making friends but she eventually warms up.

Only a person with the personality of a rock would fail to recognize Chitoge's beauty and charm yes, I'm referring to you Raku Ichijou. Chitoge is high-spirited and often aggressive, but is also sweet and caring.

This memorable character is a big reason why Nisekoi is ranked as the fifth best harem anime of all time. All the characters on this list have a fairly wide range of personalities. The medium of anime has many character archetypes that are frequently seen.

Here are some common types of female characters. Guilty Crown 's Inori Yuzuriha is one of the most indisputably beautiful characters on this list. She may appear cold and emotionless, especially in the beginning of the series. However, there is more to her allure and personality than that! In fact, she can be one of the most emotional and devoted girls on this list.

She became more welcoming after meeting the main protagonist, Shu. She occasionally thinks she is a burden to others despite going out of her way to protect those close to her. She is generally quiet but is efficient in combat. If you are thinking of checking out Inori's series, you can read this review and analysis of Guilty Crown.

One of the gentlest and loveliest girls on this list is Kimi ni Todoke 's Kuronuma Sawako. She may be shy, but she is a kind and graceful girl that Kazehaya notices in the beginning. Her pale complexion and black hair makes her resemble the horror character Sadako.

A running gag with her is how easily she gets nervous, which gives her a creepy appearance. Kuronuma has always been beautiful, but she has become more charming since she started making more friends, as she can be seen smiling a lot as the series progresses. How could her schoolmates mistake her for Sadako!? Not one man okay, except for Luffy and probably Zoro as well can escape her allure and fall for her. Men literally turn to stone because of her beauty! She is definitely one of the most, if not the most, beautiful woman in the One Piece universe!

She can initially appear as selfish or spoiled as she can be cruel to others. She puts on this hard exterior to hide weakness as she had a rough past.

She is much more compassionate when she opens up. Grabbing eighth place is the same character who was able to grab Uzumaki Naruto's heart yes, a pure-blooded NaruHina fan right here. The one and only Hinata Hyuga.

A beautiful but shy girl since she was young, Hinata bloomed into a more graceful but stronger kunoichi of the Leaf. She has always been polite and soft-spoken. She always put the well-being of others before herself. This led others to believe she would never amount to being a strong ninja but she proves them wrong. When Naruto was finally dazzled by her beauty and kindness, what else could we ask for?

Yukari Hayasake, also known as Caroline, is a beautiful and attractive model from the ParaKiss universe. She was introduced as a character with a dull life, unsure of which path to take. Her mother's persistence to excel in her studies didn't help as she never seems to be pleased with Yukari. Alas, she meets and falls in love with George and the Para-crew, and she becomes a bolder and more exquisite woman who decides to pursue a modeling career.

We were sure as hell that her beauty was meant for George and George alone, but that didn't quite workout. Misaka Ackerman is not just a pretty face, but one of the smartest and most skilled recon corps members, and she is badass. Her tough upbringing has made her appear as cold and stoic to others but she is very loyal to Eren as she dedicates herself to protecting him. She has a strong sense of right and wrong and can remain stoic and level-headed in the most dire situations.

Everyone would agree she is beautiful, even Jean notices her. I'm sure even the Titans think so! How could Eren not see her beauty! If you are thinking about giving Attack on Titan a shot, you should read this review of the first season. Senjougahara is a striking figure with her purple hair and glamorous appearance. She is quickwitted and can be blunt in her speech but she is always sincere as the main protagonist Araragi discovers.

She was afflicted by weightlessness due to a crab-like creature. Her family fell victim to con men who claimed they could cure her, which is where her spiteful attitude comes from. Despite Araragi's hesitations, Senjougahara falls in love with him after solving her affliction. She eventually becomes less hostile as a result.

We are now down to the top four prettiest anime girls in the world! No one else deserves fourth place more than this true beauty, Code Geass' Kallen Kozuki. She is a real bishoujo as she is an ojou-sama from a prestigious Brittanian family. She is delicate and graceful by day but is the strongest pilot of the revolutionary Black Knights by night.

This makes her a more awesome beauty and a real badass! She is very strong-willed and determined and can be impulsive at times. However, she can be gentle and compassionate. She is skilled in both hand-to-hand combat as well as piloting her mecha. If you are curious about this series, you can read this analysis of Code Geass.

The beauty of this gorgeous FMP representative would make you think she is an elegant and refined lady, but do not be fooled even Kurz was fooled in episode 1. She is one of the most aggressive female protagonists in all of anime. She is hot-headed and has no problem speaking her mind. Nevertheless, this is her charm and something that Sousuke totally understands. It's what he loves about her.

She does have a soft side for Sousuke. One of the youngest contenders only 16 and from a anime series wins the second place spot on this list. Mahouka Koukou no Rettosei' s Miyuki Shiba is definitely one of the loveliest, elegant, graceful, and most beautiful girls on this list. Her beauty borders on divine.

Sexy girls of anime

Sexy girls of anime

Sexy girls of anime