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At least civilians have been killed and over 2, people injured since a Russian-led assault on the last rebel bastion in north-western Syria began two months ago, according to rights groups and rescuers. Russian jets joined the Syrian army on 26 April in the biggest offensive against parts of rebel-held Idlib province and adjoining northern Hama provinces in the biggest escalation in the war between the Syrian president, Bashar al Assad, and his enemies since last summer. The Syrian Network for Human Rights SNHR , which monitors casualties and briefs various UN agencies, said the civilians killed in the hundreds of attacks carried out by Russian jets and the Syrian army include children. Another 2, people have been injured. Russia and its Syrian army ally deny their jets hit indiscriminately civilian areas with cluster munitions and incendiary weapons, which residents in opposition areas say are meant to paralyse everyday life.

Russian assault

Russian assault brought cooked rice—a total of one and a half kilos. After two minutes, we agreed that he should hang up and find shelter. Sign in. The Army wants a Russiaj that will be more lethal, at greater ranges and lighter weight than the M4 and SAW. Aid groups say the cost Russian assault a kilo of flour in eastern Ghouta is two thousand per cent higher than in government-controlled Damascus. At 11 A. The final production model Russian assault the AK 5. Malashenko eventually loses his patience with the American proletariateven going as far as to suggest mass executions by firing squad in order to set an example to the Americans.

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Archived from the original on 4 June Re-loadable 90mm RPO-M entered service in West Germany. The design of the final production model of the AK shares more in common Russian assault the existing AKM than its earlier prototype models, but will not be a retrofit to existing assault rifles. Retrieved 4 October It features a telescoping buttstock that is in-line with the barrel for better recoil control and a stock latch, allowing for it to be folded to either side of the rifle. This lantern is designed for individual area lighting. Belt fed with or Russian assault round boxes, uses a heavily modified Kalashnikov design, main service general purpose machine gun. Russian shy mom is fucked by her son. Planned to replace the 2S19 Msta. This Russian military assault pack Assqult a part of 6B46 combat set. Assautl This Link May be Unsafe. Retrieved 24 November AGS Atlant light automatic grenade launcher. Sexy blond in jeans gets fucked 19 min Pantyhoes - 2.

AMMAN Reuters - At least civilians have been killed and over 2, people injured since a Russian-led assault on the last rebel bastion in northwestern Syria began two months ago, rights groups and rescuers said on Saturday.

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Two weeks ago, Mouaz Khaboutily, a Syrian photographer who works with an anti-government group, called me from the rebel-controlled Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta. Khaboutily had sheltered in a bunker as Syrian and Russian forces launched an offensive to retake the enclave of nearly four hundred thousand people. During what he hoped was a pause in the fighting, he risked a trip to the street in order to find Internet access and see if the U.

Security Council had brokered a ceasefire. As he stood on the street, warplanes began flying overhead. After two minutes, we agreed that he should hang up and find shelter. The warplanes had dropped bombs four times while he was on the phone—one, he estimated, was just two hundred yards away. In the last two weeks, one thousand and forty-two people, including about a hundred and fifty-six children, have been killed in eastern Ghouta, in what human-rights groups fear is a final, all-out offensive to retake one of the few remaining rebel-held enclaves in the country.

Bombings by Syrian and Russian planes have been indiscriminate, killing civilians, levelling homes, and destroying medical facilities.

More than thirty medical facilities in eastern Ghouta and other parts of the country have been struck by Syrian and Russian air strikes since mid-February, and many of them are no longer functioning, according to Violations Documentation Center, a human-rights organization founded by opposition activists in Syria.

A thirty-eight-year-old school teacher, who asked to be called Sarah, said that, in the initial days of the bombardments, she and ten members of her family, including five children, lived in one room in their house.

At first, they prepared to live in the basement of their building, filling it with clothes, papers, shoes, and food. On February 24th, the U. Security Council passed a resolution that called for a thirty-day ceasefire.

At 11 A. We knew they would return to hit other cities in Ghouta. When night fell, Sarah and her family decided to flee to a nearby basement that they hoped would be safer. To ensure the survival of some family members, they divided into three teams taking separate routes.

When one missile fell, and then another, and another, they took shelter. We ran, missiles came again, a child fell down. I carried her and kept running. One day, a local organization came to offer food to the people inside. They brought cooked rice—a total of one and a half kilos. The man told her to distribute the rice to the fifty children. Sarah gave each of them three small spoonfuls of rice.

Seven years ago, the towns of Douma, Kafr Batna, Saqba, and Harasta, in eastern Ghouta, were the sites of some of the first mass protests against Assad. The regime gradually lost control of the area in , and civilians created local councils that provided municipal services.

The following year, the Syrian regime began blocking the flow of food, medicine, and aid to the region. Hundreds died from lack of medical care or malnutrition, and those that survived paid exorbitant prices for rice, wheat, and other necessities.

In August, , in one of the most brutal acts of the war, the government attacked the suburb with sarin gas, killing an estimated fifteen hundred people. Popular support for the insurgent groups operating inside the area grew. Jaish al-Islam, an Islamist group, and Failaq al-Rahman, an offshoot of the Free Syrian Army, eventually emerged as the two most powerful opposition factions, and now rule most of eastern Ghouta. Bayan Rehan, a member of a local council in the besieged city of Douma, told me in a recent phone interview that she had not eaten for sixteen hours.

Aid groups say the cost of a kilo of flour in eastern Ghouta is two thousand per cent higher than in government-controlled Damascus. A man had brought the body of his young son, who had died from suffocation. He was in the office only to get help finding other members of his family, who were in a shelter. On Monday, Syrian officials allowed an aid convoy to enter eastern Ghouta for the first time since the offensive began. At a checkpoint along the way, government officials confiscated medical supplies, insulin, and surgical equipment from the trucks.

After the convoy arrived, U. Nine of the trucks returned full. During and after the delivery, the bombing of opposition areas continued, according to Rehan, who accompanied the U.

By the end of the day, attacks by Syrian and Russian forces had killed nearly a hundred people. The regime recently retook nearly half of the area, and called for rebel fighters to surrender. On Wednesday, the U. Security Council repeated its call for a ceasefire in eastern Ghouta. Seven years of empty threats from the U. An aid convoy that was meant to enter Ghouta on Thursday postponed delivery after learning about reports of chemical attacks in two towns and heavy bombardment.

Civilians and opposition members say they fear revenge from Assad loyalists if they surrender. This is our country, our home. We want to stay here, even in the basement. Opposition members say a new Syrian government assault has killed hundreds of civilians. Recommended Stories.

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Russia portal. Retrieved 13 November Stechkin automatic pistol. Most Relevant. Planned to replace the 2S19 Msta. The orders for the Russian Ministry of Defence were stopped in , and production subsequently halted. Medium-altitude long-endurance reconnaissance.

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