Recipe applebees walnut blondie-Applebee's Maple Walnut Blondie Copycat Recipe - Relish

Try your hand at making this famous recipe from Applebee's at home. A blonde brownie with white chocolate chips is topped with a creamy maple butter sauce. Don't forget a scoop of ice cream to go with it. Dough: Preheat oven to degrees F. Sift flour, add baking powder, baking soda and salt.

Recipe applebees walnut blondie

Recipe applebees walnut blondie

Recipe applebees walnut blondie

Recipe applebees walnut blondie

Prev Recipe Next Recipe. Haven't tried the recipe yet however not times adding wa,nut extra egg will make it more cake like. After several hours as the lunch rush was beginning to wind down and no fresh salsa was in the pipeline, it was time for extreme measures to get things moving. White chocolate chunks work best in this Applebee's blondie copycat recipe, but you can certainly use white chocolate chips in a pinch. It is rich, dense, and chewy. Let cool then serve with vanilla bean ice cream, maple butter sauce, and sprinkle with chopped walnuts. Genital sign wart may not have the sizzle of the real thing, but it'll still taste like Recipe applebees walnut blondie. Add brown sugar and mix well. Use a toothpick or fork to test if it is cooked in the center.

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Naruto charetars your diners dig into aapplebees cake, the delicious hot fudge center oozes out of Reci;e warm chocolate cake. Grease a 9x13 pan with baking spray. Well, i was tasting the sauce and then looked at this recipe and realized it wasn't going to be the same from cooking experience. In the early 90's Boston Chicken was rockin' it. The taste Recipe applebees walnut blondie very good however, the brownie is very hard. Cooking the chicken requires a very hot grill. I bondie know if this is like Applebee's or not but my neighbor made this recipe she gave me a copy of the printout and it was really good. It's sort of like monkey bread, whereby chunks Falling progesterone level early pregnancy dough are tossed in cinnamon sugar and then baked in a deep cake pan. Pour the batter into the pan and bake 40 minutes. Dough: Preheat oven to degrees F.


  • Menu Description : "Dare to indulge with a white chocolate and walnut blondie under a scoop of ice cream and chopped walnuts.
  • Blondes really do have more fun!
  • Try your hand at making this famous recipe from Applebee's at home.
  • We have loved it for as long as I can remember and if they ever take it off the menu — I will be heartbroken!
  • A chewy maple walnut blondie topped with ice cream and a creamy maple butter sauce.

This blondie recipe is filled with maple butter flavor and has the perfect combination of a crisp flaky top and a gooey center.

The best way to describe the flavor is a buttery brownie! Top this blondie recipe with butter pecan ice cream and homemade maple butter sauce for an incredibly decadent dessert. If you are looking for a dessert that will impress any guest, you have to try this blondie recipe. A blondie recipe like this one is similar to a chocolate brownie, but it is made with brown sugar, butter, and vanilla rather than cocoa, giving it a butterscotch flavor instead of the standard chocolate one.

The consistency of a blondie is just like a brownie. It is rich, dense, and chewy. Just like brownies, this blondie recipe can be made with or without nuts, and with or without butterscotch chips.

In my opinion, butterscotch chips do give it that extra buttery sweet flavor. The best part about this blondie recipe is they are so easy to make! The prep time is less than 5 minutes and then you can make the sauce while the blondies are in the oven.

The sauce can be stored in the fridge, but make sure you heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds before serving. It is hard to wait because they smell so good coming out of the oven, but trust me, it is worth it.

If you happen to somehow have any leftovers, the blondies can be stored in an airtight container on the counter, or covered with plastic wrap. I have to admit that this is an inspired dessert. This dessert is so over-the-top good because it pairs a blondie with vanilla ice cream and a warm maple butter sauce. It is basically a blondie version of a brownie hot fudge sundae. I am not joking, this blondie recipe is the best dessert I have ever had.

This dessert is so buttery, rich, and positively sinful. My whole family was raving about these blondies, especially the maple butter sauce. Your family will rave about this one too! If you like the flavor of butterscotch in your desserts and drinks, check out these delicious recipes.

Subscribe now to receive our weekly newsletter featuring our best recipes, meal ideas, cooking tips, and more! Per our privacy policy , you may unsubscribe at any time. Made this exactly too recipe. Brownies were dry and sauce was very lumpy because of the cream cheese.

I threw the entire sauce away and found a different recipe. Keep looking for a better recipe. Oh wow! I love blondies, but the maple butter sauce really takes it to the next level, so good!

That maple butter sauce it the perfect topping. I never tasted the applebees version, but this was very tasty! My family really liked it! Thank you! This is way better than the restaurants version. Such a delicious treat. The blondie is perfect and the maple butter sauce, yum. Your email address will not be published. Rate this Recipe:. Take a picture of yourself making or enjoying one of our recipes with someone you love. Then post it on Instagram using the hashtag favoritefamilyrecipes.

Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Applebee's Maple Butter Blondies Copycat. Maple Butter Blondies have a crisp, flaky top and a gooey center. It is like a buttery brownie! Topped with butter pecan ice cream and Maple Butter Sauce. Prep Time: 10 minutes. Cook Time: 25 minutes. Total: 35 minutes. Serves: 9. Instructions For the Blondies Preheat oven to and grease an 8x8 baking pan. In a large bowl, combine butter and brown sugar. Mix until smooth. Add egg, vanilla, and salt. Stir until blended.

Spread the batter into the baking pan and bake for 25 minutes. For the Maple Butter Sauce In a medium sauce pan, mix butter, sugar, cream cheese, maple syrup and brown sugar. Cook over medium heat and stir until smooth. Simmer for minutes, stirring frequently. Once the blondies are cooked and cooled completely, cut blondies into squares and serve with butter pecan ice cream and drizzle sauce over the top.

Equipment 8x8 inch pan. Course: Dessert. Cuisine: English. Blondie, Copycat Recipe, Maple. Recipe by: Echo Blickenstaff. Tried this recipe? Mention favoritefamilyrecipes or tag favoritefamilyrecipes! Time-tested recipes from our kitchen to your inbox! First Name Email Address Subscribe now to receive our weekly newsletter featuring our best recipes, meal ideas, cooking tips, and more!

You may also like these posts I cannot wait to try this , it looks absolutely delicious!! Thanks so much for sharing.. Still on the search for a better recipe. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. More than family-tested and approved recipes!

Arthur Simms was in the restaurant business for many years before he opened the first Mimi's Cafe with his son, Tom, in Anaheim, California in Maple Leaf Cookies. You can add milk until you get the desired consistency. There are 12 varieties of sauce available to coat your crispy chicken parts at the chain, and I'm presenting clones for the more traditional flavors. Use this versatile salsa as a dip for tortilla chips or plop it down onto any dish that needs flavor assistance—from eggs to taco salads to wraps to fish. While the blondie cake is baking, whip up the sauce—it will be fluffy at first. Its one of my favorite treats, so I was very happy when I found this.

Recipe applebees walnut blondie

Recipe applebees walnut blondie

Recipe applebees walnut blondie

Recipe applebees walnut blondie

Recipe applebees walnut blondie

Recipe applebees walnut blondie. A family favorite

Jerrico, Inc. Then, with determination, he began rebuilding. In Jerome launched a new restaurant called Jerry's and it was a booming success, with growth across the country. Then he took a chance on what would be his most successful venture in , with the opening of the first Long John Silver's Fish 'n' Chips.

The talented chefs at Benihana cook food on hibachi grills with flair and charisma, treating the preparation like a tiny stage show. They juggle salt and pepper shakers, trim food with lightening speed, and flip the shrimp and mushrooms perfectly onto serving plates or into their tall chef's hat.

One of the side dishes that everyone seems to love is the fried rice. At Benihana this dish is prepared by chefs with precooked rice on open hibachi grills, and is ordered a la cart to complement any Benihana entree, including Hibachi Steak and Chicken. I like when the rice is thrown onto the hot hibachi grill and seems to come alive as it sizzles and dances around like a bunch of little jumping beans.

Okay, so I'm easily amused. This Benihana Japanese fried rice recipe will go well with just about any Japanese entree and can be partially prepared ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator until the rest of the meal is close to done.

Once a regular menu item, these sweet, saucy wings are now added to the KFC menu on a "limited-time-only" basis in many markets. So how are we to get that sticky sauce all over our faces and hands during those many months when we are cruelly denied our Honey BBQ Wings?

Menu Description : "Fire-roasted chicken breast topped with mushrooms, prosciutto and our Florio Marsala wine sauce. After some trial and error in the underground lab, I found that recreating the secret sauce from scratch is easy enough with a couple small cans of sliced mushrooms, a bit of prosciutto, some Marsala wine, shallots, garlic and a few other good things. Cooking the chicken requires a very hot grill. The restaurant chain grills chicken breasts over a blazing real wood fire, so crank your grill up high enough to get the flames nipping at your cluckers not a euphemism for this Carrabba's chicken marsala recipe.

If your grill has a lid, keep it open so you can watch for nasty flare-ups. Menu Description : "Chicken breast tenderloins sauteed with bell peppers, roasted garlic and onions in a garlic cream sauce over angel hair. Chicken tenderloins are lightly breaded and sauteed along with colorful bell peppers and chopped red onion. Angel hair pasta is tossed into the pan along with a healthy dose of fresh scampi sauce. If you're cooking for two, you can prepare this dish for the table in one large skillet, saving the remaining ingredients for another meal.

If you're making all four servings at once, you need two skillets. If you can't find fresh chicken tenderloins the tender part of the chicken breast , you can usually find bags of them in the freezer section. Along with your meal at this huge national steakhouse chain, comes a freshly baked loaf of dark, sweet bread, served on its own cutting board with soft whipped butter.

One distinctive feature of the bread is its color. How does the bread get so dark? Even though this recipe includes molasses and cocoa, these ingredients alone will not give the bread its dark chocolate brown color.

Commercially produced breads that are this dark—such as pumpernickel or dark bran muffins—often contain caramel color, an ingredient used to darken foods. Since your local supermarket will not likely have this mostly commercial ingredient, we'll create the brown coloring from a mixture of three easy-to-find food colorings —red, yellow and blue. If you decide to leave the color out, just add an additional 1 tablespoon of warm water to the recipe.

If you have a bread machine , you can use it for kneading the bread you'll find the order in which to add the ingredients to your machine in "Tidbits". Then, to finish the bread, divide and roll the dough in cornmeal, and bake. As he worked long, hard days at a shipyard in Hingham, Massachusetts, during World War II, William Rosenberg was struck with an idea for a new kind of food service. As soon as the war ended, Rosenberg started Industrial Luncheon Services, a company that delivered fresh meals and snacks to factory workers.

When Rosenberg realized that most of his business was in coffee and donuts, he quit offering his original service. He found an old awning store and converted it into a coffee-and-donut shop called The Open Kettle. This name was soon changed to the more familiar Dunkin' Donuts, and between and five more shops opened and thrived. The company later spread beyond the Boston area and has become the largest coffee-and-donut chain in the world.

Today, Dunkin' Donuts offers fifty-two varieties of donuts in each shop, but the most popular have always been the plain glazed and chocolate-glazed yeast donuts. Menu Description : "Our famous pumpkin pie has just the right amount of spice. Pie making is where the chain excels. A fresh slice of a Marie Callender's pie is as close as you'll get to homemade heaven this side of Grandma's porch window.

This clone is an obvious selection, since the restaurant sells more pumpkin pies than any other, even in non-holiday months. This clone is a perfect opportunity to improve on icky pumpkin pie recipes like those found on cans of canned pumpkin, for example in many ways.

For one thing, there's no need to use canned evaporated milk when fresh whole milk and cream is so much better. And three eggs, versus two found in many recipes, will add to the richness and firmness of the cooked filling. After mixing the filling we'll let it sit for a bit while waiting for the oven to preheat. This way it can come closer to room temperature, and the pie filling will bake more evenly.

The clone recipe included here for the crust uses a chilled combination of butter and shortening for the perfect mix of flavor and flakiness. Get a large can of pumpkin. Also, I took the egg yolk out of the crust for a flakier and more tender finished product. Also, because of the additional filling, I've increased the baking time by 10 minutes to 60 to 70 minutes. If you find your crust getting too dark on top, use a pie crust shield or mold some foil around the top of the crust to prevent it from over-browning.

Menu Description : "Roasted garlic and Parmesan sauce with Italian herbs. As the biggest buffalo wing chain in the country continues to grow, so does its selection of delicious sauces. Our Top Secret clone starts by roasting a few peeled garlic cloves in your oven. Add mayo and Parmesan cheese to the soft, roasted garlic, plus some corn syrup, lemon juice, red pepper flakes and an assortment of dried herbs and you've got yourself an addictive sauce that's as good on finger food as it is on a salad.

Bake up some breaded chicken nuggets or fry up some wings, then simply toss 'em in some of this delicious sauce and serve. This dish from the rapidly growing Chinese food chain satisfies anyone who loves the famous marinated bourbon chicken found in food courts across America. The sauce is the secret, and it's quick to make right on your own stovetop. Panda Express—now over restaurants strong—is the fastest-growing Asian food chain in the world.

The only way to enjoy this now Dead Food is to clone it. GrandMa's Cookie Company was founded back in by Foster Wheeler, but it wasn't until that the company introduced the popular Big Cookie. This large, soft cookie comes two to a pack and is offered in several varieties, including oatmeal raisin.

Now you can bake up a couple batches of your own with this kitchen clone. Just be sure not to over bake these. You want the cookies soft and chewy when cool—just like a happy grandma would make. Be sure to take the cookies out of the oven when they are just beginning to turn light brown around the edges.

Raising the oven temperature a little—to degrees F—will help with browning and still keep the cookies chewy. Menu Description : "We start with a warm, chewy bar layered with chocolate chips, walnuts and coconut. Topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with hot fudge and caramel. The chocolate chip cookie and graham cracker crust "pie" sits in a hot skillet on top of bubbling cinnamon butter.

It's topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and then finished with walnuts, chocolate and caramel syrup. If you're a cloning perfectionist and want to present this dessert exactly like they do at the restaurant, you'll need a small skillet for each serving.

Small cast iron skillets are the best, but any 6- or 8-inch saute pan will do fine. Just be sure your pan is real hot to get that same Chili's "sizzle" when you lay in the goodies. If you've got a big crew to feed and don't have enough skillets for each serving, you can add the cinnamon butter to individual serving plates, microwave the plates until the butter melts, then build each serving on the warm plates.

It may not have the sizzle of the real thing, but it'll still taste like paradise. Here's a great one for the holidays, or anytime you want, really. It's a mint chocolate brownie with peppermint buttercream frosting on top and creamy chocolate frosting on top of that.

And to simplify the cloning process, we start with a common fudge brownie mix. By changing the required ingredients listed on the brownie mix box and modifying some steps, we can improve on the finished product.

Rather than oil, use a stick of melted butter in your brownies for a richer, better flavor. And cook the brownies at a slightly lower temperature so that they come out moist and chewy.

Since this recipe is for peppermint brownies, add just a bit of peppermint extract to the batter. The peppermint brownies from Starbucks have red and white frosting drizzled lightly across the top. To duplicate this easily you can buy premade red and white colored frostings that come in little cans with tips included. Two friendly Atlanta, Georgia neighbors built the first Waffle House in With the dimpled breakfast hotcake as a signature item, the privately held chain grew into 20 Southern U.

Today tasty food at rock-bottom prices, plus hours-a-day service, makes Waffle House a regular stop for devoted customers any time of the day or night. And don't even think about referring to your server as a waitress—they're called "associates. But sometimes you can't wait. If you need instant gratification, the recipe still works if you make the waffles the same day.

Wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes before using the batter so that it can thicken a bit. How about some homemade Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage to go with those waffles? Check out all of my famous breakfast copycat recipes here. Menu Description : "Lightly-dusted, stir fried in a sweet Szechwan sauce. Chang's top picks. Once the sauce is finished all you have to do is saute your chicken and combine. You'll may want to cook up some white or brown rice, like at the restaurant. If you can't find straight chili sauce for this recipe, the more common chili sauce with garlic in it will work just as well.

Everyone knows the center of a cinnamon roll is the best part. With that in mind, McDonald's designed a cinnamon pastry where every bite is coated with the same deliciously gooey cinnamon and brown sugar filling that you discover only after working your way through the dry, doughy part of traditional cinnamon rolls. It's sort of like monkey bread, whereby chunks of dough are tossed in cinnamon sugar and then baked in a deep cake pan. The difference with this clone of the McDonald's version is that the filling is mixed with margarine and spooned onto the dough chunks in layers.

And you bake this in small, single-serving portions. As it turns out, a Texas-size muffin tin , which has cups that are about twice the size of a standard muffin tin, is the perfect pan for this.

You can also use disposable aluminum pot pie pans that many markets carry. Since this recipe makes a dozen servings, dig this: After the cinnamon melts have cooled, cover and freeze them.

When you need a quick breakfast pastry or late-night snack, simply remove a melt from the pan, microwave for 35 seconds, or until hot this is how McDonald's heats it, too , and you're instantly teleported to cinnamon roll paradise. You won't find freezers, can openers, or microwave ovens at this national Mexican food chain.

Since Baja Fresh has been serving up great food, made fresh with each order. As you're waiting for your food to come out, that's when you hit up the salsa bar, where you'll find several varieties of delicious fresh salsa, from hot to mild, ready to be spooned into little tubs that you can take to your table or to your car. One of the most popular selections is called Salsa Baja—its medium spiciness, smoky flavor, and deep black color make the salsa unique and mysterious.

But the recipe wasn't as easy to create as I first thought. I figured the tomatoes would have to be extremely blackened over a hot grill, but I wasn't sure how to get them dark enough to turn the salsa black without the tomatoes getting all mushy and falling apart on the barbecue.

So, I went back to Baja Fresh before they opened to peer through the window to see if I could catch some hot salsa production action. I waited and waited. After several hours as the lunch rush was beginning to wind down and no fresh salsa was in the pipeline, it was time for extreme measures to get things moving. I went in and ordered 30 tubs of Salsa Baja to go, and that did it. I ended up with a big bag filled with 2 gallons of salsa thankfully they poured those 8-ounce portions into bigger bowls , and the restaurant went immediately into "salsa red alert" to replenished the now-dwindling salsa reserve.

It was perfect. As I was grabbing my bag of salsa, a dude come out from the kitchen with a huge box of tomatoes and placed them all on the grill. I ordered a giant Diet Pepsi and parked myself at a close table to watch the process. That's when I discovered the secret. For super-charred tomatoes they start with firm, chilled tomatoes, that aren't too big or too ripe. I also found out that the tomatoes must start roasting on the grill with the stem-side down.

The rest was simple Menu Description : "A delicious combination of ham and turkey, plus Swiss and American cheeses on wheat bread. Lightly battered and fried until golden. Dusted with powdered sugar and served with red raspberry preserves for dipping. For over ten years tons of cloning requests for this one have stacked up at TSR Central, so it was time for a road trip.

When sales of this once limited-offering sandwich exceeded expectations, Wendy's made it a permanent menu item.

Now you can re-create the spicy kick of the original with a secret blend of spices in the chicken's crispy coating. Follow the same stacking order as the original, and you will make four sandwich clones here at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Menu Description : "Breaded chicken breast tossed in spicy wing sauce. Served with cool bleu cheese dressing.

That's because these "wings" are actually nuggets sliced from chicken breast fillets, then breaded and fried, and smothered with the same type of spicy wing sauce used on traditional wings.

If you like the flavor of Buffalo wings, but wish you could use a fork, your spicy dreams have come true. Serve these up with some celery sticks and bleu cheese dressing on the side for dipping. This super simple salsa can be made in a pinch with a can of diced tomatoes, some canned jalapenos, fresh lime juice, onion, spices and a food processor or blender.

Plus you can easily double the recipe by sending in a larger ounce can of diced tomatoes, and simply doubling up on all the other ingredients. Use this versatile salsa as a dip for tortilla chips or plop it down onto any dish that needs flavor assistance—from eggs to taco salads to wraps to fish.

You can adjust the heat level to suit your taste by tweaking the amount of canned jalapenos in the mix. Menu Description : "A tender boneless chicken breast marinated with lime juice and tequila flavors and grilled. Served on a bed of crisp tortilla strips. Topped with a Mexi-ranch and Jack-Cheddar sauce.

Served with Southwest rice and pico de gallo. Many people still know this dish by it's original title, so that's what I'm using here. When making your clone, just be sure not to marinate the chicken for much longer than the 2 to 3 hours specified, or the acid in the lime juice may toughen your chicken.

The bed of crispy corn tortilla strips can be easily made by crumbling store-bought tortilla chips, or, if you want strips more closely resembling those served at the restaurant, just follow the Tidbits below. Serve this dish with your choice of rice and some pico de gallo on the side.

The clone recipe for this top-requested Chili's dessert is easy to make—and can even be made days ahead of time. The cake batter is poured into the large cups of a Texas-size muffin pan. When the cakes are done and cooled, you make a secret hole where the hot chocolate is loaded.

Now you can keep the cakes chilled until dessert time. To serve, heat a cake, plop a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, and top it off with some Magic Shell a chocolate topping that hardens on ice cream.

When your diners dig into the cake, the delicious hot fudge center oozes out of the warm chocolate cake. Menu Description : "Made from scratch in our kitchens using fresh Grade A Fancy Russet potatoes, fresh chopped onion, natural Colby cheese and spices. Baked fresh all day long. He wanted to create a special place that would arouse curiosity, and would pull travelers off the highways.

In he opened the first Cracker Barrel just off Interstate 40 in Lebanon, Tennessee, offering gas, country-style food, and a selection of antiques for sale. Today there are over stores in 41 states, with each restaurant still designed as a country rest stop and gift store.

In fact, those stores which carry an average of 4, different items apiece have made Cracker Barrel the largest retailer of American-made finished crafts in the United States. Those who know Cracker Barrel love the restaurant for its delicious home-style breakfasts.

This casserole, made with hash brown-sliced potatoes, Colby cheese, milk, beef broth , and spices is served with many of the classic breakfast dishes at the restaurant. The recipe here is designed for a skillet that is also safe to put in the oven so no plastic handles.

If you don't have one of those, you can easily transfer the casserole to a baking dish after it is done cooking on the stove. It's dark, moist and delicious, and it comes in a breadbasket to your table at this French-themed West Coast casual restaurant. Now the tastiest carrot bread ever can be yours to create at home with a couple of grated carrots, molasses, raisins and chopped walnuts.

You'll be baking this one in the oven for at least an hour. That should be enough time to warm up the house and send an incredible aroma wafting through every room.

Arthur Simms was in the restaurant business for many years before he opened the first Mimi's Cafe with his son, Tom, in Anaheim, California in Arthur named his New Orleans-influenced, bistro-style restaurant after a woman he met and fell in love with in Paris during the war. A requirement of any visit to Chicago is eating at least one slice of deep dish pizza in the city that perfected it. Deep dish pizza quickly became a Chicago staple after Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo opened the first Pizzeria Uno in and served a hearty new style of pizza constructed in a high-rimmed cake pan.

Employees told me the pizza crusts are partially cooked each morning to cut down on the wait time for customers. Before the restaurant opens each day, cooks press the dough into a pan and then sprinkle it with a little shredded cheese.

The shells are then partially baked and set aside. Later, when an order comes in, the pizza is built into one of the par-baked crusts and finished off. This way customers get their food faster, and the tables turn over quicker. Copying that delicious, flakey crust was the task that took me the longest. After two weeks of baking, I finally settled on a formula that mashed-up yeast dough and pie crust, making a perfectly tender deep dish crust with great flavor that exactly mimicked the original.

If you like Uno, you will love this. Regarding the cheese: be sure your cheese is at room temperature, and not cold, or it may not melt all the way through.

This recipe will make enough sauce for two pizzas. Just thought you should know that in case you get the urge to make another deep dish after this one disappears.

Brands Cinnabon Mrs. Applebee's White Chocolate and Walnut Blondie. By Todd Wilbur. Score: 4. Votes: 6. In stock 1 item available. Blondes really do have more fun!

This blondie is baked with nuts, topped with both ice cream and chopped walnuts, and served warm covered with a rich, sizzling maple butter sauce. Everyone has a sweet tooth! Nothing is better than a warm brownie or blondie with ice cream.

This recipe takes it to another level. Serves : 4 or 1 if your really hungry! Ready In : Under 60 minutes. Directions: Dough Preheat the oven to degrees F. Add baking powder, baking soda and salt to the already sifted flour. Then sift dry ingredients again.

Add chopped nuts and mix well. Set aside. Add brown sugar to melted butter and mix well. Then add egg and vanilla extract. Mix well. Add flour mixture, a little at a time, until mixed well. Stir in white chocolate chips. Spread out dough in a 9-inch pan. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Use a toothpick or fork to test if it is cooked in the center.

Serve warm with ice cream and Maple Butter Sauce. In a pan, add real maple syrup and butter, cook over low heat until butter is melted. Next, stir in brown sugar until completely dissolved. If you desire, add walnuts. Have not tries it yet but I hope to. I like seeing these posted recipes.

Look the hundreds I log into my computer programs , I will never get to all of them but I keep on plugging away. Thank you for this recipe Tom. I am going to try it tomorrow. I love this dessert!!!! I made this for superbowl and the brownie looked exactly like it should but the glaze looked just like syrup…it was brown instead of the creamy color.

I added some confectionary sugar to get the right consistency. This is my favorite desert eating at Applebees. I love its richness and it not being overly smothered in chocolate. It is delectable. UMMM uh goode!! Otherwise the recipe is great, i omitted the white choco chips.. I have tried this, and now it is my favorite. It is not too sweet, nor is it too rich. It is just heaven. You gotta get one from Apple Bees. You will love it too! Now i will try to make it myself.

Thank you! I must say, we just made this and this is the best Desert I have ever ate in my life. Thanks from the both of us and the many more people i will be putting on to this. Live life and Love God.

I seen a recipe that had the cream chesse and butter in the sauce recipe. My kids and I made this last night. We followed the recipe exactly and OMG it was fabulous!! My son asked for seconds. I served it a scoop of vanilla ice cream and the sauce on top…Deff just as good as the one from Applebees. Any suggestions?? Wow what a great recipe. I will be sure to try this next time I bake. Below is a really nice simple brownie recipe which is good for cooking with kids.

For the sauce, I prefer to use a can of eaglebrand cream and add a little maple flavoring. You can add milk until you get the desired consistency.

Almost-Famous Maple-Butter Blondies Recipe | Food Network Kitchen | Food Network

Facebook Facebook. Email newsletter signup Email address. Ingredient quantities updated below. Note: Steps are for original recipe. Actual cooking times may need to be adjusted for updated quantities. The Steps Preheat oven to and grease an 8x8 inch baking dish. In a large bowl cream together melted butter and brown sugar. Add vanilla and eggs and mix well. In a medium bowl whisk flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix until combined.

Stir in nuts and chocolate chips. Spread into prepared dish and bake for minutes until a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out mostly clean.

While the blondies are baking, prepare the sauce. Combine butter, sugar, cream cheese, maple syrup, and brown sugar in a medium sauce pan and stir over medium heat until cream cheese and sugars are melted.

Simmer for minutes until ready to serve. If needed, thin out with a bit of milk or heavy cream Serve blondies warm and top with ice cream and cream sauce. Optional: sprinkle with chopped walnuts or pecans. Ratings and Reviews.

Recipe applebees walnut blondie

Recipe applebees walnut blondie