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August 26, By Jeffery R. Hamilton 2 Comments. Hairstyles for teenage guys have evolved a lot this year. So we have rounded up some of the coolest hairstyles for teenage guys this year, with ideas for all tastes. In addition, we have structured our examples based on the length of your hair short , medium , long , its texture thin, thick, wavy, coiled and even lifestyle preferences.

You can also use some hair gel or wax to keep the style in place. This is best for boys with naturally wavy hair, though you can get it with hzir hair as well. Start your dreads early to achieve the perfect dreads-life look. These things are not so intuitive for all young men, thus we are here to help! Tie it up in a tight, neat knot this might take some practiceand you have a top knot. To get yours, just brush your hair up and to the front. How to get it: Despite its simple look, the side part is slightly more complicated than the previous hairstyles on this list.

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The side part is extremely Louise nurding nude and stark and a water based styler like Sarah cockings nude is used. Although long dreads are still in style, short dreads are making waves. For a more in-depth look at the quiff, check out our guide to this cool style. Faux hawks are one of the most popular guys hairstyles. Only a strip in the center will be left. The short to medium hair on top offers the ability to style a number of different haircuts. The classic taper on the sides highlights the beautiful, shiny long locks above. Boys want to rock a Pictures of teen boys hair styles that does not only look attractive but also feels comfortable. The side part is a classic hairstyle that has recently received a resurgence in hair trends. The curlier the hair, the less styling required. This strand should be in the middle of your head. Coarse hair can be tough to work with. Get hair style inspiration.

There are so many hairstyles available for younger guys that it can be difficult to choose.

  • Hairstyles for teenage guys are an endless field for creativity.
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  • There are so many hairstyles available for younger guys that it can be difficult to choose.

There are so many hairstyles available for younger guys that it can be difficult to choose. While the quiff is a more noticeable haircut, it can be modified to be either subtle or bold. For a subtle look, we recommend the short quiff, and for a more bold look, the long quiff or the messy quiff will stand out.

How to get it: We recommend going to a high-quality stylist for a great quiff. The basic idea is that the hair is longer on top and shorter on the back and sides.

The hair on top is styled up and combed back. For a more in-depth look at the quiff, check out our guide to this cool style. The undercut has made a huge mark in fashion this year. The hair is cut short around the sides and back of the head while the top remains long. The most popular way to style this haircut is by running the hair slick back, but there are several other ways to style it as well. While most pictures depict it with straight hair, it also works great for curly hair.

This style requires a lot of styling with gel or mousse and needs to be maintained by shaving daily. It works best with strong jawlines and long faces. This is ideal for older teen boys who want to maintain a classy appearance. How to get it: Tell your stylist you want an undercut. Most barbers and stylists are familiar with the style.

A classic and timeless style, the crew cut is one of the top go-to choices for boys. The crew cut also makes the face more defined. The hair is buzzed with clippers of varying lengths, depending on the area. The top of the head is buzzed with a longer clipper setting 4 to 6.

The hair in front should be the longest. The hair then gets shorter as it goes toward the back of the head. The sides and back are trimmed with a shorter clipper setting 2 to 4. There should be a gradual taper all the way down to the neck. It started with Elvis but has come back with a bang. This style has long hair all around and gets longer at the top.

This cut takes a lot of maintenance and a lot of gel. It works best with strong cheekbones, round faces, and short foreheads. The top should have a good length to it. Take some pomade and slick your hair back. Push this hand forward, and at the same time, comb the hair at the front upward.

Fix it with a little hairspray if needed. This method will take some trial and error to get the best pomp possible. If you have curly hair, you might find it difficult to find a style that fits you.

If so, consider this style. It uses an undercut but allows the curls to retain their shape, giving your hair a unique personality. How to get it: Tell your hairstylist you want a clean and short undercut on the sides. The product should be used on hair that is slightly damp. The look is finished with a bit of scrunching. This look is best for boys with fine, shiny, thick, and straight hair. It requires matte and medium hold products because the idea is to look natural and unstyled.

Like the tousle, this is a casual cut that will work well in many situations. How to get it: Moussed hair is blow dried and combed back. Dry shampoo can be used at the roots for added volume. The comb tail should be used to create a clean part. Then, the hair is gently messed up with fingers.

Keep styling until you find the perfect look for you. A high and tight is another short, military-style haircut. However, it is quite different from a butch cut. While a butch cut is short all over, a high and tight cut is longer on top but shorter on the sides and in the back.

This haircut is popular among African American boys and works well for teen boys who desire a strong, noticeable hairstyle. How to get it: The sides and back in a high and tight cut are almost always cut with a 1 attachment to the clipper.

Sometimes, they will be completely shaved, but this is rare. The top is considerably longer than a butch cut. Another popular teen boy haircut, the spiky hairstyle is a nice alternative to the porcupine spikes of the 90s.

An almost wind-blown look creates a soft yet spiky style that looks great. This style usually works best with mousse, since gel tends to make the hair lose its soft look.

It takes little maintenance; all it needs is a quick run through with styling mousse each morning. Since a wind-blown look is the basis of this style, it does not take a lot of sculpting. The style works best with short foreheads, strong jawlines, and strong cheekbones.

The idea behind spiky hairstyles is exactly that——spiking the hair. The hair should be cut relatively short to get the best effect. Adventurous boys with understanding parents may want to try a mohawk. This is surely one of the most famous haircuts. It is named after the Mohawk tribe of Native Americans. Their warriors would frequently shave their heads save one strip in the middle.

This style was said to inspire fear in their enemies. Teens will like its wild and unique look. Some parents, however, may find the style a bit too aggressive. How to get it: The mohawk is another hairstyle that is easy for a trained hairdresser and unlikely to be messed up.

The sides and the back are easy. The hairdresser only needs to shave them clean. After this is done, it is time to cut the top. Most of the top will be shaved clean as well. Only a strip in the center will be left. Most boys will prefer that this strip is fairly short, and the hairstylist will cut it with scissors. This one has been around for awhile but is still seen across Hollywood.

The faux hawk is short around the sides and back, and it gradually gets longer as it pulls towards the middle of the head. This haircut takes styling with gel in order to keep it in the middle. It works best with individuals that have long faces, strong chins, and high cheekbones. Like the mohawk and ponytail, this is a cut for the more expressive teen boys.

How to get it: Using a styling product, stand all of your hair up. Short hair enthusiasts will rejoice at the Caesar cut. Its short, no-fuss style is ideal for boys who are always active and on the go. How to get it: The Caesar cut is popular all over the world, and almost all barbers and stylists know how to cut one. The Caesar cut is unique because the hair is the same length all around the head, anywhere from half an inch to three inches.

You can accomplish this with clippers, but it can also be done with scissors for a longer cut. Like the Caesar cut, the French crop is a low-maintenance style that looks great on its own without any styling. This is great for boys who like shorter hair and who want a softer look to their hair.

The French crop gives a smooth texture to the hair, and it works well for fine hair. How to get it: Ask your barber to taper the back and sides of your hair using scissors. If you want, you can ask for a skin fade, where the hair disappears into the skin at the bottom. If you prefer a choppy look, ask your barber to point cut the hair on top of your head.

If you prefer a tidier look, ask your barber to blunt cut the hair on top. The messy fringe is a carefree take on the straight fringe. A long and messy fringe extends far below the brows for a noticeable look. This cut works well with every face shape, hair color, and hair texture. The hair on the sides and the back can be cut to your liking. How to get it: Using some wax, define the bangs to your liking.

Teens will like its wild and unique look. You can also use some hair gel or wax to keep the style in place. This style requires a lot of styling with gel or mousse and needs to be maintained by shaving daily. When else in your life will you try something truly mind-blowing and even crazy? Only a strip in the center will be left.

Pictures of teen boys hair styles. Best Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

Most boys are not only experimenting with different cuts but also with different colors. Some of the styles which are popular nowadays have been around for quite some time while some are new. We have witnessed how famous celebrities such as Chris Brown and Justin Bieber change their looks over the years. Here, we have collected a list of the best boys haircuts for Hope you enjoy them and try out some of them! With proper care and hair care products, your hair will always grow back so have fun and enjoy!

The sides and back are faded down while the front is soft, long and bouncy. The latest hairstyles for boys are always visible on red carpet and runways. Originally posted by outfitideashq. Originally posted by pinterest. Are you getting tired of wearing that old hairstyle? New hairstyles cannot only make you look good but it can also increase your ego.

The sides are done in taper fade which creates more volume and texture on the top. Colored hairstyles are truly a huge thing for this year. Chris Brown looks great in this teal colored fade cut.

Of course, Chris always looks good in any style! At the same time, he has also tried various hairstyles. Want to get noticed in parties?

Then grow your hair a bit so that you can rock a unique hairstyle. One of the popular trends that are quite noticeable nowadays is big hair also known as tall hair. Is it a slicked back style or a pompadour? If you decide to stick with the buzzcut, you can always go a size up or down. Classic taper is a low maintenance haircut with a high degree of style. While the sides and back of the head are shaved short, the top of the head still has a little hair for styling.

The short hair at the top can be spiked for texture or combed forward with gel or mousse. This haircut works best with oval faces, short foreheads, and strong cheek bones. Often, the stylist will ask how steep you want your taper to be. Some tapers are gradual and fade out over a long area, but others end quickly.

Either can look great with a variety of face shapes and hair types. This razor setting is referred to as 0, and it effectively reduces the length of your hair to the shortest possible without leaving you bald. This style also gives you the opportunity to decorate the entire scalp with razor-blade inflicted patterns, as the scalp is now, in a way, a blank canvas. Teen boys that live in colder areas may want to stay away from the induction cut, since it can lead to a constantly chilly head in the winter time.

It works well with a wide range of face shapes and hair styles. How to get it: Tell your hairstylist you want your entire head shaved with a 0 setting on the clippers. Whereas the induction cut uses a 0 razor on the entire scalp, the burr cut can employ anywhere from a 1 to 3 razor.

How to get it: Tell your hairstylist you want your head shaved with a 1, 2, or 3 razor setting. You can also do this at home using the same method. The rat-tail is the unexpected cross between a mullet and a ponytail. It fell out of style in the 80s but has recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. Fans of manga and anime may have noticed several of their favorite characters sporting rat-tails, which can be curled, straightened, braided, or fashioned into a dreadlock.

Admittedly, this variant may well be low on the list of desired haircuts for the average boy or young man. Tell your hairstylist you want the top and sides of your hair trimmed. You can use whatever razor setting you like. This strand should be in the middle of your head. The hair around it should be cut shorter. You can modify this cut to your liking. A haircut made famous by The Beastie Boys and re-popularized by the movie Joe Dirt, the modern mullet is a good choice for teen boys who prefer their hair to be long.

How to get it: The area around the ears and the top of the head are clipped short, in the fashion of many other contemporary hairstyles. The hair in the back remains long, with layers added for effect. You can modify the length and layers as you like. Surprisingly, it takes a bit of experimentation to get right. For this look, you should skip a haircut so that your hair is sticking at the ends. This will give the best conditions for the ideal tousled style.

How to get it: To go from untidy to effortlessly chic, some soft hold hair gel is required. A pea-sized amount should be used to avoid a wet and oily look. Finally, gently run your fingers through your hair, spiking where necessary and smoothing your sideburns.

This is another great cut for curly-headed teen boys. The curlier the hair, the less styling required. Like the pompadour and vertical haircut, it adds volume and dimension to the hair.

While curly hair can be tough to work with, this cut allows you to fashionably rock your curls. This style also works well for wavy hair, which can be similarly hard to tame. Use some mousse for volume, strong hold wax for defining the tousle at the crown, and hairspray to finish off the look. A teasing comb or blow dryer can be used at the roots for extra volume. The ever-popular pompadour is making a comeback, and this variation is a stylish, slick cut with personality.

It combines the disconnected undercut and the pompadour for a noticeable look. In addition, boys who are involved with athletics might find the pompadour style difficult to keep. However, boys who like a clean-cut appearance will love this fashionable style.

The hair on the sides and back should be cut much shorter than the top. Most importantly, there should be a dramatic line where the short hair ends and the long hair begins. Our guide on the disconnected undercut has more information on the disconnected style.

To style the pompadour itself, take some pomade and slick your hair back. Holding a comb in one hand, use the other hand to push the hair forward, and at the same time, comb the hair at the front upward.

After a little experimentation, making a good pompadour will be easy. The high and tight is most famously known as a dramatically short military haircut, and the high and tight recon is a variation on the classic original style. Boys who are involved in several forms of athletics or simply like little to no hair will enjoy this cut. It accentuates the hair in the middle of the head and gives an extremely tidy look.

For the high and tight recon cut, the back and sides will be buzzed with a 1 or no guard at all. Alternatively, the hair on the back and sides can simply be shaved.

The high and tight recon is different from the standard high and tight in a couple of ways. Most importantly, much less hair is left on top. The long hair on top contrasts with the fade on the sides, making this cut stand out. Like the pompadour, it gives off a classy look, but the fade is slightly more casual and can be worn in all situations.

How to get it: For a good fade, we recommend visiting a barber or stylist. Specify how gradual you want the fade to be and how much hair you want left on top. The classic fade style features a gradual taper that blends in with the top of the hair. If the mohawk or faux-hawk is too wild, consider the mohawk fade. This is a much more subtle version of the classic mohawk that borrows elements from other conservative cuts.

It can be styled in many different ways, and it can blend in with other low-profile cuts. The mohwak fade takes the traditional mohawk concept and tones it down. We have a complete guide on the mohawk fade that tells you everything you need to know. While the crew cut is a simple, stylish option for boys, the Ivy League takes it to the next level.

The Ivy League is traditionally paired with a side part, but it can also be styled without one. How to get it: The Ivy League is usually cut with scissors. The top of the head generally has half an inch to an inch of hair, so make sure to tell your stylist how much you prefer.

However, the hair should be a little longer in the front so that it can be parted. This beach-inspired cut is perfect for summertime. It can be left messy, spiked, brushed back into a short quiff——the possibilities are endless. How to get it: The hair on top of the head should be fairly long. Anywhere from 1 to 3 inches will do.

The back and sides should be about an inch long. You can have it cut a little shorter or longer, depending on your personal preference. To style the surfer cut, dry the damp hair and apply some product throughout.

Style the hair up and away from the face a bit for the surfer style. This is a fun style you can play around with quite a bit. The man bun is an ideal choice for boys who prefer longer hair. The hair is drawn up into a bun that can be either messy or tidy, depending on your preference. Also, it allows you to wear a variety of hairstyles, since you can wear your hair long and in a bun. You can even try one of the many variations on the standard bun style to get more mileage out of your hair.

How to get it: Gather up all the hair you want in your bun. Tie it like a ponytail, but twist the band and make a second pass over the gathered-up hair. The top knot is a stylish variation on the man bun that takes the bun and adds some samurai-influenced flair to it. Generally, this knot rests right above the crown.

You can leave a few strands of long hair hanging down for additional style. Generally, the hair on top of the head is the only part left long.

The sides and back are usually kept short, so you could pair this with an undercut. Take your long hair and draw it backward toward your crown. Tie it up in a tight, neat knot this might take some practice , and you have a top knot.

This is best for boys with naturally wavy hair, though you can get it with straight hair as well. The hair is a medium length and rises at the side like wings. You can go longer if you like. Put on a hat and blow dry your hair so that the exposed hair flips up.

This will give you the winged style. You can also use some hair gel or wax to keep the style in place. This hairstyle was popularized by the emo movement of the mid— to late s. It features a choppy, uneven texture and is usually seen with longer hair.

This is a nice choice for older boys who want to stand out and have a fun style to their hair. How to get it: This will require a high quality cut, so make sure you show your barber or stylist a picture of the finished product.

Ask for your bangs to be kept long but for the ends to be cut with a razor. Push your bangs to one side for an asymmetrical appearance. The hair on the back and sides can be cut short or left long. Next, take some product to your damp hair and spike up the hair near the crown of the head. Finish styling as you like. The blowout is a truly unique haircut that adds tons of volume to your hair. This is a noticeable style, so boys who are extreme extroverts will probably enjoy this.

The name comes from the look; the hair appears to be exploding from the head! The blowout requires regular maintenance and styling, so it might not be an ideal choice for busy guys. If you have time and love the look of the blowout, then go for it. Expect to spend roughly five to ten minutes in the morning getting your blowout ready.

How to get it: The back and sides are normally faded for a blowout, and the hair on top is left long. Using a blow dryer, lift all your hair up and blow dry it into place.

Apply some strong hold hair gel to your hair and blow dry again. You might need to coat it with hairspray to fix it into place. The sides and back are cut short, while the hair on top is styled, making a high-contrast, high-volume cut. The brush up is a good choice for classy lads who desire a stylish appearance. How to get it: The brush up hairstyle can be complicated. Read our comprehensive guide on the brush up hairstyle to learn how to cut and style it. Also known as a temp fade, the temple taper fade is another extremely versatile option for boys who like shorter hair.

Moving from a 2 to a 4 will give you a longer fade and change the style dramatically. How to get it: Ask your barber for a temple taper fade. If not, bring in a picture and ask for the fade featured in the image.

You might recognize the mop top style from a famous four-piece band in the sixties rhymes with Peatles. With a mop top, the forehead and ears are covered, so it works well for boys with larger foreheads or long faces. This cut tends to compress the face. How to get it: Trim the hair evenly around the head so that the hair in front reaches the eyebrow and the sides cover the ears.

The back is the same length but can be a little longer. If you want, you can style it with a high quality wax or gel. To find out, push your hair to each side and see which side gives your hair the most volume. For straight hair, blow dry your hair either to the right or left, whatever you like.

Then style the hair in the opposite direction. Then blow dry your hair in the direction it grows. Take some hair product gel, wax, or paste and style your hair in the opposite direction, poofing the hair up and back to form the pompadour. Our pompadour style guide has more tips on creating the pompadour. This look can be achieved by almost any kind of hair. First, the hair is washed and blowdried properly. Then, everything is smoothed back with pomade that comes with low shine.

If the hair is wavy or curly, it should be straightened before styling hair. This is one of the favorite boys hairstyles of stars walking the red carpet.

This looks also works best with thick beard. Some pomade with a lot of shine and concrete like hold is required for this look. Use the product on dry hair and slick it backwards. Make sure that the parting is defined in the hair and use additional product to smooth down any stray ends into place. This haircut is especially meant to accentuate a full beard. For formal occasions, hair can be slicked back and smoothed down. For casual occasions, it can be worn with minimal styling in a messy way.

Only medium or light hold products are used for this look. Hair should be combed with the product in place. This style is worn by people who have natural waves in their hair. The front is styled using pomade or hair wax so that the tousle can be defined properly. The rest of the hair is simple combed in a classic style. The forehead has some volume in this look and thus, it should be styled when the hair is damp.

The sides and back in this haircut are short but the top is left long and textured to ensure that both slicked back and messy looks are achieved easily. Medium hold product is used after parting hair on the side and the top is gently put into place without pinning down. The hair can be damp or dry, depending upon the amount of definition and styling required.

This hairstyle is ideal for people with an undercut because it adds some interest in the hairstyle. The side part is extremely defined and stark and a water based styler like pomade is used. With added shine, this look can become a formal look because the hair is slicked close to the scalp.

The comb should be used for styling for cleaner results. For this classic combover style, some pomade with strong hold or medium hold is required. The hair is combed back but in a diagonal way to create some buzz around the look. A low or medium shine finish can be used for finishing off the look if the occasion is a formal one. A side part is preferable and the product should be applied on dry hair only.

This style is a classic short haircut style preferred by teenagers all over the world but has one small difference — the forehead part of the hair is allowed to grow for an inch longer.

A curl cream is used to style the hair and define the forehead part. Even though longer haircuts are the trend this year, this look achieves the same results but does not require any styling time. This is another example of how classic short boy haircuts can have one different element to give them a great look. The hair along the hairline are given some length in this one for that oomph factor. Styling is done along the top of the hair for some volume and texture.

Second-day hair would not require much styling. Men 41 photos. Men 45 photos. Men 26 photos. Credits: Braid Barbers. Tip: If you want a messy look, tell your stylist to razor cut the ends of your hair. Credits: Amir the Barber. The messy pompadour has a lot of character and stands out easily. Boys Haircuts Elegant Hairstyles.

50 Superior Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Guys in

Teen boy haircuts range from long to short, contemporary to classic, and punk to preppy. Your hairstyle is an expression of your individuality, so it demands to be spontaneous and full of character. Think about your lifestyle, hobbies, and your preferences because these factors will easily determine what type of haircut and styling techniques you should go for.

If your taste involves spikes, slicked-backs, and pompadours then holding products like gels, waxes, and pomades should be your best friend. On the other hand, opting for a natural, wild, and rugged appearance only requires confidence to rock it. Stylist Michael owned this cut, emphasizing the gradient fade with a triple slash.

The faux hawk was the star of this cut, with a hard line to define from the fade. A cool gray tone to balance out this hot cut!

Keep your long locks and have fun with that shaggy look, dude. For that shower-and-go look, try this cut that will take no time to style but will still keep you looking tight. When it comes to teen boys haircuts, the high and tight is very popular for its simplicity and ease of styling.

Active teen boys will find the short hair great for sports activities as well. Sport this edgy and eye catching style with a real cool fade work to complement the bold styling.

Short hair and a burst fade are great compliments for each other. A fresh and dapper looking hairstyle that is perfect to start the school year with. Keep it neat with an inviting dark brown hair color.

Teenage boys who want short hair often go with the simple crew cut but how the fade is done makes a huge difference. Jazz up that that sleek hair with subtle chestnut brown on the tips and clean sides, and this will complete your signature everyday look.

Keep it looking fresh, and this ultra hipster hair will never let you down. Long hair is kept at the top in a bun and can be styled uniquely as well. Cut it like Beckham! A cleanly shaved skin fade will definitely complete that sporty and cool look.

It is a nice contrast of the skin fade and long hair at the top. A balanced cut that gives you a real polished look but also the versatility to style your strands on top. Go suave and hip with this double lined clean cut. Those sharp angles are sure to make your image way more masculine. Accentuate your textured top hair with shaved sides and an etched part. This fresh cut is suitable for any kind of hair!

This interesting pattern on locs will turn you into a natural gem. Perfect if you are looking for a change in your look. Keep it natural on top but intriguing at the back. If you want a dapper vibe then this will be suitable for you. Start your dreads early to achieve the perfect dreads-life look. Partnered with a tapered hairline this look will surely be the talk of town. This look is a classic fade suitable for schoolboys. The best about it is the smooth flow from top to bottom giving it the natural look.

You need to be aware of the natural direction of your hair and that blow drying may be essential to create this look. A matte finish product is used to finish the look with the use of fingers to create texture as a pose to a sleek finish.

The haircut suits all lifestyles as it a very classic look and there is nothing too extreme about this cut. Thanks to the products of today, you can give a natural look for every day, and for something more formal you can use ointment and hair dryer, which keep its essence classic-elegant but at the same time modern. I like this type of cut because it is very gentle to all face shapes. It is recommended to make the hair more manageable with light products. If the hair is rebellious, there are different types of products from a gel with extra strong fixation or heavy ointment to achieve a stiff effect.

The products that I personally use and recommend are from the Gentlemen Republic because they have ointments of various types from soft to heavy natural shine and matte high fixing gel. This look is a protective hairstyle that not only saves you time in the morning but also turns head. The coolest thing about this hairstyle is the angle of the parts. It gives the braids a unique style that makes it stand out. To ensure that this hairstyle lasts a week, I will suggest that the client wears a du-rag to sleep and prevents the braids from getting wet while showering.

This will prevent the hair from becoming frizzy quickly. I will also suggest that the client oil his scalp every two days or whenever it starts to itch. Constant scratching of the scalp can not only frizz up the hairstyle, but it can also irritate the scalp.

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