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I knew I was close to orgasm, knew that she knew it too and that that knowledge might expedite her own orgasm that seemed just as imminent as mine. We were naked. We were wrestling. Not just to pin each other on both shoulders, but to do so AND overcome her last ultimate defence and have her shuddering in ecstatic erotic submission. Maria was French, and it was during a wrestling tournament in France that I saw this gorgeous creature standing in the corner of the wrestling mat as my next opponent, showing off her beautiful breasts.

Nude wrestling stories

Nude wrestling stories

Nude wrestling stories

But that was Nude wrestling stories wrestlint beside the point, I thought, because now she was going to make me take wrestliny medicine. Amy stepped back, releasing my balls and giving them a flick with her hand. I sat down heavily on the couch. But what guy would turn down the chance to wrestle a hot girl completely naked? I picked her up and I put her in the pool. Then, one day Jesse buttafuco I was in the living room reading, she walked in and said "Come on, let's wrestle.

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Fun for couples - cams online now! It is now an amazingly one-sided score of in favour of Chelsea. These wrestllng are incredible Suddenly the door opened and a girl walked in who was a lot like Free flash cartoon sex clips games young, nerdy, sweet looking and wearing a bikini identical to the one I was wearing. The loser must obey every sexual command of the winner and be her submissive. He's shouting at Gabi bridges higher. The Secrets of Liberty Mountain. Once dressed, I looked at the address, already forgetting the name she had mentioned earlier and decided to Google it. What does that tattoo on her storids say? Silly Nude wrestling stories They are built and look like they can fight and kick ass. Emma you could learn a thing or two about obedience and respect from Jenny here," Professor Bells said. Part one. BCW Pt. Knowing that this Nide a pins only match, Gina releases Nude wrestling stories headlock, turns around and tries to get in a better position on top of Gabi.

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  • Tuesday, 27 September year old Chelsea takes on year old divorced mom Meredith in her first wrestling match as an adult.
  • Summary: Shy nerd is blackmailed into the world of nude wrestling.
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  • Krista loved to wrestle with daddy, and it got intresting after she found rubbing herself on daddy felt good

The wrestling match. My girl and I was having a royal rumble party. We had a few friends over to watch it. She had 5 of her friends and I have 3 of my friends over. It was a good old time.

My girl call me in the kitchen, and told me that she is getting horny. I asked her how. I told her she' crazy. Let me describe my body, I have a 5 pack, tone muscular chest, good definition in my arms,that makes my tattoos look even better, and tone legs.

I told her , why don' we wrestle with each other and in front of our friends. She said you on, but it has to be oil and strip wrestling. I decided to be a basketball player, and have a speedo underneath. It just going to be a fun night. We shook our hands and gave a kiss. After the royal rumble match, we told our friends to come back next week for another wrestling match.

They were shocked that is going to be between me and my girl. Then we told there is a chance that we will end up naked and oily. Also there is a chance some freaky shit my happened like some sucking, licking, and some fucking. They were all shocked. Next week came and went. I saw a little preview of my girl outfit. I was turned. I went outside to get the tarps and the inflatable pool ready.

It was almost all the way to to the top. Once all of our friends got there and got settle with a drink or two. She ran after me and push me down in to the pool. Then I put her arms behind her back and I took off her skirt off showing her juicy ass. I spanked it twice. She didn't like thst. Then she got me down and proccwd to take her off my shorts.

Now I am just in a speedo. I picked her up and I put her in the pool. Then I stripped her naked in the pool. She sripped me naked while she sat her pussy on face. I lick her pussy for a lttle while. She thought I was submitting by I was just eating her out. Then she racked me while i was down. I stop. Then she start giving me head. I was in shock. We stop after a while, and we stand up and notice we were both naked and dripping wet in oil and sweat.

She notice i was hard as a rock, so she grabbed my balls and say give up. I gave up cuz she had a strong grip. After the match, we hug and kiss each other. All of our friends have us standing ovation. Then my girl and me walked our friends to the door butt ass naked. More extreme sex stories you might enjoy. Father and son both are after… Read Story. A guy I had just met wants… Read Story. This is one of the strangest… Read Story. This is a story of my hott… Read Story. This morning I banged my… Read Story.

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Do something, girl!! Male Jumper Ch. When she let go of me, I asked, "How old are you? I thought they were not supposed to get hurt. The robe ends about halfway between her sexy round ass and her knees. Wrestling in the Metropolitan Lost souls in the ruins of New York make love in the museum.

Nude wrestling stories

Nude wrestling stories

Nude wrestling stories. Upload successful

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This what happened Check also our Tube. A Sex Stories 71 Mixed wrestling stories. Daddy's game. Ear nibbling 2 per sec Breast nipple sucking 1 per sec Pussy touching 3 per sec Pussy finger insertion 5 per sec Pussy licking 10 per sec Pussy fisting 3 per sec Ass finger insertion 1 per sec Breast smothering 4 per sec Face sitting pussy must be making contact with opponent's mouth or nose Your opponent orgasms on the mat Tag Team Rules 1.

A tag made by the out of bound wrestler can be made on any part of her partner's body. The wrestler not in the ring can move around, but not go inside the ring to make a tag. Once a tag has been made the two have one minute together on the mat; a buzzer will alert the tagged wrestler when she must leave the ring. Once a double tag assault has ended, you are not allowed to tag your partner again for at least one minute. The bonus round: Whoever gets the most points after three rounds is declared the winner.

The loser must obey every sexual command of the winner and be her submissive. This may include: pussy eating, strap-on sex in your mouth, pussy or ass, verbal humiliation. Playful spanking, hair pulling, double maybe even triple penetration and any other submissive act ordered by the winner. I stared at the bonus round in complete disbelief.

If I lost, I would be sexually humiliated by the winner. If I won I would have to sexually dominate another woman. Both were absurd. Both were unfathomable. I couldn't even imagine being a part of either scenario. First, I was straight.

Secondly, I was a good girl. I didn't fight, I didn't wrestle and I sure as heck didn't have sex in front of an audience. Don't get me wrong, I liked sex and I loved to be fucked hard, both my long term boyfriends who were pretty aggressive in the bedroom, something which somehow turned me on.

Even though I was shy, I liked to please. I l researched my personality change during sex one day on the Internet and learned that exhibited many traits that were submissive I did LOVE sex and hadn't had it in over three months unless you count my fingers and vibrator. I felt a rush of shame wash over me when I realized there was a slight dampness in my vagina.

Suddenly the door opened and a girl walked in who was a lot like me: young, nerdy, sweet looking and wearing a bikini identical to the one I was wearing. I was shocked by her motherly tenderness, considering she looked to be younger than me. Yet, somehow, her arms around me brought out a sudden calmness in me, her aura soothing mine by her touch alone.

When she let go of me, I asked, "How old are you? They seem rather extreme," I pointed out. I also have wrestled in two singles matches," Jenny answered. Hearing my professor referred to as a Mistress was just another level of strangeness in my own version of Alice in Wonderland, and like Alice, I had no idea how to get back to my own world. I stammered, bewildered, "M-m-mistress?

Emma you could learn a thing or two about obedience and respect from Jenny here," Professor Bells said. My face flushed at the shot, as I was loved by every teacher I ever had because I was polite, dedicated and determined.

Yet, here I was having my character questioned by someone who was essentially blackmailing me into erotic wrestling. The irony was dripping, yet I was too intimidated to respond. She has been training my mother as well," Jenny answered casually as if she was talking about the weather. I would like to say I was revolted by the lesbian kiss, but the wetness in my bikini bottom would say otherwise.

Breaking the kiss, the professor sat down on a chair and said, "I think we have time for you to have a pre-game snack, my pet. Frustrated by her attitude, but also distracted by Jenny between her legs, I asked, trying to sound strong, "In denial of what? My body did feel weak, my vagina did feel wet, but I had no desire to submit. I stood my ground as I countered, "Professor, I am not a lesbian. I could feel my knees weaken, my body suddenly feeling heavy, as I struggled to stay in control of the situation.

The professor, sensing my internal struggle, continued, "Emma my pet, you need a Mistress, you love to please, to make people happy. Let's be honest, it is the only time you are happy, isn't it? I looked at her; I looked at Jenny between her legs and felt a magnetic pull to be on my knees, to replace Jenny, even though I had never once considered another woman sexually before today. My mind was still spinning when I felt my body slowly fall like a leaf to the ground I crawled to her as if hypnotized and not in control of my very being anymore.

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Wrestling Maria | Your Erotic Stories

This story from Bastige has been read 6 7 4 2 5 times. Wrestling my stepsister Written by Bastige , on , genre domination My stepsister Amy and I were very close. Our parents got married when I was 14 and she was 15, and we became instant friends. We loved all the same things - video games, basketball, making fun of dumb TV shows. Our parents had expected some awkwardness with two teenagers suddenly living in the same house, but they were pleasantly surprised.

Since both our parents worked, Amy and I had the house to ourselves in the summers. The summer after my sophomore year in high school I was 18 and she was 19 , she worked a part-time job in the evening and I worked online, so during the day we often hung out around the house together.

Since we felt so comfortable around each other, we did some pretty crazy stuff, like skinny-dipping in broad daylight in the backyard pool the neighbors were all old people who were unlikely to peek over the fence.

One day we got in some kind of silly argument while watching TV in the living room - neither of us was mad, and neither took it seriously, but we started play-wrestling. Amy is about five inches shorter than I am. She's pretty robustly built for an Asian girl her mom is Taiwanese , with strong legs and fairly broad shoulders, but I am taller and stronger and can generally handle her.

I first almost pinned her, then tickled her, making her scream but allowing her to wriggle free. She charged me, but I lifted her into the air, still shrieking and giggling. She kicked out wildly with her feet I dropped her to the ground and collapsed from the sudden shock, but when I tried to get up, the real pain began, and soon I was clutching my groin and rolling around moaning "Amy, you castrated me!

I wasn't wearing anything underneath. She hauled the shorts off of my legs and held them up like a trophy. Groaning, I sat up, still massaging my tender - and now exposed - testicles. Amy continued to laugh at me and wave the trunks around. I sat down heavily on the couch. But already the pain was subsiding, and when Amy sat down next to me on the couch, I reached out and tickled her.

You could have to go to the hospital. Then she bounced away, leaving me half-naked on the couch. That began the summer of our friendly rivalry.

After that first hit on my balls, Amy would "sack-tap" me as she walked past, not hard enough to put me on the floor, but usually enough to make me bend over or crouch down.

I quickly learned to guard my jewels when she was in the vicinity. In revenge, I started pantsing her. Amy usually wore sweatpants and a t-shirt or halter top around the house, but she typically didn't wear underwear underneath, so when I yanked her sweats around her ankles she'd find herself abruptly bare-butt.

She would shout and try to slap me, but I'd dance back and watch as she pulled up her pants before chasing after me. Once she even fell, and went down on the kitchen floor with her sweats tangled around her ankles. That was a fun one. After that, she started wisely wearing panties under her sweatpants.

Then, one day when I was in the living room reading, she walked in and said "Come on, let's wrestle. Are we allowing ball shots in this match? Just wrestling. And no, like, poking eyes or something. We wrestled around for a while, and I quickly got the better of her. She was surprised how strong and quick I was when I was really trying. She made two grabs for my balls, but got nowhere close. So much for that tactic.

I pinned her, then let her up when she tapped out. I shrugged. With that, she nodded, hooked her thumbs in her waistband, and pulled her sweats and panties down and off. Amy had muscular thighs and a thin landing strip. I grinned. She did one step of the "Walk it Out" dance, twisting her knees back and forth, which was hilarious given the fact that she was bottomless. Then she turned and strode out of the room, her solid ass swinging as she walked. For the next hour, as promised, she stayed bare-butt, and I just winked at her whenever I walked past.

She snorted in irritation, but I could tell she wasn't that upset The next day, things went pretty much the same. Amy challenged me again, she tried for my balls but failed, and I pinned her. Again, she demanded a rematch, and I accepted.

Again, she removed her pants and went bottomless for an hour. This time, I slapped her on the bare ass as I walked by, and she woofed in indignation.

On the third day, however, I got sloppy. Pinning her had become so easy, I must have let up a little, because as I was about to win, she grabbed for my balls - and got em this time. I instantly realized I had lost, and tapped out before she could start squeezing my precious jewels. She danced around, punching the air and singing "We are the Champions," before turning to me and pointing. I grinned, only slightly shaken, and took my shorts down. My dick flopped out and Amy suppressed a giggle.

I laughed, and did part of the dance from Napoleon Dynamite. She covered her mouth and guffawed. She walked over, slapped me on my bare ass, and then walked away, singing a song. After that it was on. With the house just to ourselves, we'd wrestle maybe every other day. At first I won most of the matches, and Amy spent a lot of time bottomless, enduring ass-slaps from yours truly.

Occasionally she managed to get me by the balls, and then I tapped out quickly, because when a girl has got your balls it's over. That happened only a couple times at first, but Amy started developing some skill after a couple weeks, and it became much harder to beat her. She always was an athletic girl. We got bored of just making each other walk around bare-butt, and started making each other do embarrassing forfeits.

It started with things like cartwheels and jumping jacks, then we started making each other do dares, like doing a lap around the house bottomless. Once a guy jogging saw her do that, and once an old lady saw me. Fairly embarrassing, but good motivation to win the next match.

After the jogger saw Amy, she was pissed. I instinctively bent over a little. Just a slap. I shook my head. If it really came down to it, I knew I could beat her. So we squared off, just like usual, me in my t-shirt and gym shorts, her in tank top and sweats, and we went at it.

She had been exercising, and her arms and legs were slippery with sweat. I had a hard time holding on to her. Then when I was on top of her, she suddenly faked a knee at my groin. I instinctively folded up, and she grabbed my arm and forced y face into the carpet. I shouted in frustration and tapped the ground, submitting.

She got up and did her victory dance as I lifted myself dejectedly off the floor. She just waved her finger. She walked over to me, and asked, "Are you ready? She reached back and swung her palm into my nuts. It was a pretty hard whack, and I groaned and immediately held myself.

Slowly, I crumpled to my knees. Amy stood in front of me with cocked hips and a satisfied smirk. Then she reached over and shoved me onto the ground. I decided to stay there.

Then, as she had after our first match, she grabbed my shorts and hauled them off of me, leaving me bare-butt and clutching my nuts. I got up after a few seconds, groaning. Amy walked over and patted me on the butt.

I didn't, not with the price of losing this high, but I said "Sure. This time I gave it my all - after all, my balls were on the line! She did not want to submit, wriggling like crazy and shouting in rage, but eventually I immobilized all her limbs and forcer her face-down onto the carpet.

Nude wrestling stories