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Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. His blog, PerezHilton. He is also known for posting tabloid photographs over which he has added his own captions or "doodles". His blog has garnered controversy for its attitude, its former outing of alleged closeted celebrities, and its role in the increasing coverage of celebrities in all forms of media. In addition to his blogging, Hilton has written three books, hosts a podcast with Chris Booker , runs two YouTube channels, and has acted in two off-Broadway shows.

Hilton gossip site

Check out this rundown of unexpected celebrity feuds that no one could have Hilton gossip site coming. I never really fit in with any groups, so I just did my own Hilton gossip site. For example on Defamer. Perez Hilton began as a straightforward gossip blogger, Lick asshole handjob as he turned into a celebrity in his own right, he gained access to the inner circle. If You Hiltom to Join in Reading celebrity gossip is fun, slightly wicked, and feeds your sense of schadenfreude, but being part of the attack brings it to a new level. Associated Press.

Falling progesterone level early pregnancy. Mischa Barton SLAMS "Scumbag" Perez Hilton on The Hills: WATCH!

Ben almost fell off his chair he was so inebriated. Bottom line for Fred When former 'N Sync member Lance Bass came out as gay on July 26,Hilton received criticism for having been partially responsible in the outing. October 13, Official Website. The terms of the agreement Hilton gossip site not disclosed. Here's the thing. TMZ Live. June 26, Retrieved July 13,

Today, Kim Kardashian has a new baby shower invitation.

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  • Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.
  • Ben Affleck got so wasted Saturday night at a Halloween party he could barely stand, but that didn't impede his skills at his next stop -- a poker table -- where he made quick work of lining his pockets with cash.
  • Uma Thurman would be proud!
  • The notorious Perez Hilton, a.

Hilton's goal is to become famous: "I want to be the gay Latino Oprah. He prefers to stay in his gated-community condo, which has all the charm and personality of a just-cleaned motel room, so he can torture the rich and famous from the safety of his computer. He's been up since 4 am, belly-crawling through the blogosphere to uncover juicy celebrity tidbits for his gossip site, PerezHilton.

That's really how much I work. But chubby Mario from Miami isn't the boss around here. The boss is Perez Hilton, his infamous alter ego. Like a queer-eyed Incredible Hulk, this raging diva persona took over the life of shy, schlubby Mario in In just three years, Hilton has smashed through the Hollywood elite, muscling his way from bottom-feeding blogger to up-and-coming entertainment-business power player. This particular spring morning hasn't turned up much news—no bold-named breakups, no leaked sex tapes, no tinted-limo treks to rehab.

But Hilton has a hair appointment, and it's time to get going. So he throws a few celebrity crumbs to the 8 million devotees who rely on him for their daily dish. As usual, they're delivered in a writing style so breathless you need an inhaler to follow along. Choice samples from Hilton's oeuvre: OMG! Jesse Jackson is in Deep Shiz Amy Winehouse! Her performance was a hot mess!

Of course, most regular folks aren't greeted by name at the valet parking stand in front of this chic Beverly Hills beauty salon. Inside, a fawning hair stylist squeals, "My family in Arkansas just loves you! As he admires the effect in the mirror, I'm reminded of a drawing I spotted above his living room sofa: Hilton as a grinning vampire perched atop the Hollywood sign. Then there's the recently launched Hot Topic clothing and accessories line brace yourself for armies of teenage girls in Team Perez T-shirts and shiny pink Hilton-brand lip gloss.

Now the guy who prefers Bette Midler to Arcade Fire and knows all the lyrics to Paula Abdul's "Vibeology" is working with Warner Music to launch his own boutique label, with acts handpicked by the blogger himself. But if it were , it would just be a single. If there's one crap single that has the potential to make a shitload of money, I'd release it. As we pull up to a four-way stop, Hilton gasps.

It's Seth Green! The blogs-to-riches story of Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. In , during what he calls "the worst year of my life," he was a fame-obsessed loner who had just been fired from a reporting job at Star magazine. Dreaming of becoming an actor, he moved from New York to LA, unemployed and broke.

There, enjoying the free Wi-Fi, he stumbled across a few personal blogs. He thought of writing an online diary of his own but concluded that his life was too boring.

Hilton and his fave act Girlicious at the MuchMusic Awards. Photo: Getty Then he had what his idol, Ms. Winfrey, would call his a-ha moment: He realized that it was easier to be a famous blogger than a famous actor—all you needed was an oversize persona to stand out from the keystroking horde.

In September , he set up a free site using Blogger, chose a bland beige template, and began tapping out his musings.

Over the course of a year, they evolved into what is now the hot-pink PerezHilton. The site's original name, PageSixSixSix. Snarky celebrity-focused news sites were nothing new, but Hilton delivered his as childlike graffiti scrawled over photos. Even in Hollywood, his vicious, eye-clawing approach stood out. Two of the site's more benign entries: "L.

Ron wuz here," scribbled over a shot of Tom Cruise, and the word "Fake" branded on the breasts of actress and reality show regular Brigitte Nielsen. He also became known for having the juiciest pictures, most of them pilfered from other sites. The result was a lot of traffic and a few lawsuits from photo agencies. So I'm this outsider commenting on this wacky world of celebrity who managed to become an insider but is still, in many ways, the ultimate outsider.

In the hands of Hilton, the outrageous antics of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton the ubiquitous, ridiculous celebutante and inspiration for Hilton's garish nom de guerre are distilled into photo-driven, text-message-length morality plays gleefully deconstructed and critiqued by his legion of Us Weekly -loving, mostly female fans. He promoted his site by posting a bulletin on Friendster; soon PerezHilton. The reaction from mainstream media was immediate and scathing: The Insider, a tabloid TV show, dubbed his site "the most-hated in Hollywood" for its tacky takedowns of untouchable stars.

Old media attacked Hilton's integrity is he a journalist or just a pathetic celeb-hound with a blog? One site referred to him as a "professional canker sore. But the scorn only boosted his traffic. Within a year, monthly pageviews had topped a million. It's facts. Critics are one thing, copycats are another. In July, Hilton filed a lawsuit against perezrevenge.

Somehow, Hilton has converted notoriety into legitimacy. In , he pitched a reality show based on his day-to-day activities—blogging and bitching about celebrities—and VH1 snapped it up. When he announced on his site, incorrectly, that Fidel Castro was dead Hilton's family fled Cuba for Florida in the '60s , the Huffington Post and the Drudge Report picked up the item albeit with skepticism.

When Bloomberg invited him to be its guest at this year's White House Correspondents' Association dinner in Washington, he was seated next to Tracey Ullman, who gushed, "I read your site every day! Not that Hilton needs the publicity. Which means he's pulling down millions a year. The site now averages million pageviews a month, according to the Web ratings service Quantcast.

Nielsen Online estimates that while visitors to TMZ. That kind of stickiness confers influence. When Hilton posted tracks by an unknown singer-songwriter named Eric Hutchinson, thousands of fans rushed to iTunes to download the album. Three months later, Warner Music signed Hutchinson—and began sniffing around Hilton. If the Warner deal falls through, Hilton insists he'll start a label on his own within the year.

That's when I realized this is one very ambitious guy. At 5 o'clock the following evening, Hilton is changing out of his Peanuts pajamas for another big outing. A young woman at check-in gushes, "Your site is my favorite!

Hilton is then whisked into a VIP goody-bag tent, where he's laden with free jeans, T-shirts, and self-tanning lotion. Back outside, he's approached by TV producers and a radio station executive eager to have him on the air. But occasionally he seems to miss the safety of being Mario, the socially awkward recluse. At one point in the evening he retreats to a mostly empty tent, takes a seat, and calmly eats the low-fat fish-and-rice dinner he has brought in a plastic container. Then it's time for Hilton and a local radio personality to do their bit.

Security guards lead them to seats in the middle of the amphitheater. A camera zooms in and transmits their images to large screens above the stage. Perez Hilton is on.

On the way home, Hilton is still on fire. David Browne david david-browne. Tips for Better Blogging. View Comments.

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Sep 14, pm Posted in: Bella Thorne. Bad Girls Club season 4. Celebrity fights are always eye-opening. Hilton called Prejean "a dumb b If they discover anything embarrassing or scandalous, about anyone, they will post it on their website. June 13, President Trump is back to taking shots at Jussie Smollett and Chicago prosecutors who dropped criminal charges against him

Hilton gossip site

Hilton gossip site

Hilton gossip site

Hilton gossip site. News Page 2

The host applauded him for must-see TV interview on her Monday show, and maintained that Teresa should divorce Joe! The couple who acts together, stays together.

Emily VanCamp took to her Instagram to share the sweetest pic with her husband and former on-screen co-star, Josh Bowman, as they celebrate eight years together! Halloween is still days away, but Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert have already slayed us with their costumes.

The knockout round begins during the Oct. Nia Guzman shared a picture of RoRo cuddling up to her new baby sister, and it was too cute for words. Tyler being the popular character from Fight Club. This blog is sexier than most of the sites like The Dirty blog. This is another one of the best gossip websites. Perez Hilton only posts the most hilarious and messed up news about celebrities and politicians.

This site is ran by a gay man called Perez Hilton who rolls newsworthy messages into a sweet and snarky little ball of gossip. ONTD think that celebrities are disposable, but gossip is priceless.

This website will mention the occasional gossip about a celebrity but it likes to focus on musicians. Dlisted warns people to be afraid, very afraid. If they discover anything embarrassing or scandalous, about anyone, they will post it on their website.

The Dirty blog has nothing compared to Dlisted. This website is ruthless and hard to beat. If something happens to any of the celebrities or famous people we all know, Radar will be there to catch the news with a picture or video. This is a great addition to our list of websites for worldwide news. When your favorite actress has a wardrobe malfunction in Spain or your favorite actor was caught cheating on an African safari, Radar Online will have it posted quickly for all to know.

Blogs Magazines.

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Gossip columnist Perez Hilton is known across the world for his coverage of showbiz news and rumours. The year-old blogger celebrated ten years of celebrity writing last year, and has become a big name in his own right. He's drawn criticism for outing gay celebrities and claims to have been punched by one of the Black Eyed Peas management team over derogatory comments he made about Fergie and Will.

Perez is a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother Perez Hilton. Katie Price Perez Hilton backs Katie Price after branding her 'vapid whore' and insisting her children should be taken off her. Manchester Arena explosion YouTube star Joe Sugg pays tribute to the first named victim of the Manchester terror attack with selfie of Georgina Callander. Little Mix Little Mix make heartfelt plea urging fans to help locate missing Ariana Grande concert goers after Manchester terror attack. Aaron Carter Chiselled Aaron Carter shows off his tattoos and slick hair 'do on the red carpet.

Bosses 'planning spin-off series for the show's 20th'.

Hilton gossip site

Hilton gossip site