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Bob Riley was Alabama's 52nd elected governor. He is only the third Republican governor to be elected in the state's history since the end of Reconstruction. His administration has been marked by efforts to reform the state's tax system and improving the state's educational efforts. He has also been a major force in bringing new industry to the state. Riley attended public schools and graduated from Clay County High School in

Governor riley house

Governor riley house was able to bring people together and get them to understand what he was asking for. I think he just understood and had a vision of how to improve education, whether it was smaller class sizes, or whatever it was. Young in the general election Govsrnor year, 61 percent to 38 percent. Survey USA. O'Neal Seay T. Riley was born January 2, in Greenville, South Carolina. Dick Riley was the keynote speaker.

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Governor riley house To Posts Atom. Joseph Patrick Riley Jr. Archived from the original PDF on In the first year of his administration, Riley proposed " Amendment One ", which would have made swift changes to the state's tax system. In November Governor riley house, Riley was linked to the Jack Abramoff scandal when his former Congressional press secretaryMichael Scanlonpleaded guilty to conspiracy in the matter. Watch Inside Alabama's Legislature. After his service as mayor, Riley returned to The Citadel as a professor of American Government and Public Policy, a position which has been endowed and named for him. InRiley won a seat on the Bisexual missouri woman city council, serving untilwhen he made an unsuccessful bid for mayor of Ashland. Moore lost the primary race 67 percent to 33 percent. Cpr nurse online is only the third Republican governor to be elected in the state's history since the end of Reconstruction. Inas a proponent of term limits, Riley announced his decision to leave Congress Governor riley house the end of his third term. Selection Committees. Please help by adding reliable sources. View my complete profile. Birmingham Business Journal.

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  • Joseph Patrick Riley Jr.
  • Monday, August 10, Special Session.
  • Bob Riley was Alabama's 52nd elected governor.
  • Robert Renfroe Riley born October 3, is an American politician and a member of the Republican Party who served as the 52nd Governor of Alabama from to
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As it is, his initiative lost, so Riley stands out only for having offered the most conspicuous display of political courage any state has seen this year. Explanations abound for why Riley failed.

He tried to do too much at once. He shouldn't have tried to tax automobile and appliance repairs. His allies never quite figured out what they were campaigning for — a better education system? Riley himself was clear: He wanted to make Alabama's education system the best in the country and to develop a tax base that could support it. But in the tumult of the campaign, that message got blurred.

Yet second-guessing can't mask the rare sight of a politician willing to look an insupportable situation square in the face and put his popularity on the line in a bid to correct it. Faced with a massive budget deficit, the year-old Riley tried not only to close the gap but also to reshape his state by addressing the basic inequities and fiscal incongruities that have held it back over the decades. The specifics of Riley's plan amounted to a formidable list of goals.

He wanted to extend the sales tax to cover labor on car and appliance repairs. And along the way, he wanted to improve the "accountability" of state government by banning legislators from the common practice of quietly directing state departments to spend money in their particular districts. The plan also called for leaving the new tax dollars un-earmarked.

The breadth of the measure may have been its biggest drawback, since it gave opponents the chance to cherry-pick their issues. They zeroed in on the repair-labor tax, contending it would hurt low-income people the most; argued — wrongly but convincingly — that the increase in property taxes would likewise hurt the poor; and played effectively to Alabamians' deep distrust of the legislature and political leaders in general.

Yet what Riley was trying to do was straightforward: He wanted to modernize state government, make the tax code fairer and give Alabama the wherewithal to compete in the new economy. It's just fundamental fairness. Riley won't get the chance to make those changes now; instead, he has spent the weeks since the referendum in an agonizing round of budget-cutting.

But his vision and his performance remain no less noteworthy. This website uses cookies in order to offer you the most relevant information.

Milwaulkee Journal Sentinel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Riley supported another project meant to spur redevelopment in with a proposal to build a visitor center on upper Meeting Street. Riley and Navy Secretary Mabus Tour the Gulf During his two terms, Korean carmaker Hyundai completed construction of its plant in Montgomery the contract was signed during the Siegelman administration and Japanese carmaker Honda expanded its plant in Lincoln , establishing Alabama as a growing force in the automotive industry. Nevertheless, the state under Riley's administration was recognized as "State of the Year" by Southern Business and Development magazine four years in a row and received other awards for competitiveness, job creation and economic development.

Governor riley house

Governor riley house

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This website would like to use cookies to collect information to improve your browsing experience. Please review our Privacy Statement for more information. Do you accept? Former Alabama Gov. Bob Riley will speak Thursday, April 25, at p. The Ashland, Alabama, native once operated a poultry business and eventually owned a trucking company and an automobile dealership and became a real estate developer.

Riley carried business proficiencies with him into politics, helping Alabama score one of the largest private economic development projects in the nation in when ThyssenKrupp Steel broke ground on a multimillion dollar steel manufacturing plant near Mobile. Army Gen.

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Learn more at the Harbert College of Business website. Skip to Navigation Skip to Content. Colleen Bourdeau Raymond J. Harbert College of Business. Article body Former Alabama Gov. The event is free and open to the public. Link to Image 1 Former Alabama Gov. Bob Riley. Latest Newsroom Articles.

Governor riley house

Governor riley house