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Why quebec sucks

Show comments. Next Why quebec sucks you know, the valetudinarian is attempting to challenge people based on his Why quebec sucks grasp of English. Please keep them to yourself. If you see a french man Quebec or otherwise kick them in the groin. The author is pretty much bang on with his editorial on the "Hoity Toity attitude of Superiority". Quebec really really sucks. We have had a terrific neighbourhood for many, many years until the IF came Maternity intimate play and until the PQ came into power. He doesn't own Radio-Canada or Le Devoir, but they're in his camp, anyway. Or, it's because English Canadian culture is not sufficiently different from American culture that there is a viable niche market for media specific to English Canadians.

Chickensoup for the kitten lover soul. Quebec sucks

Canada is like one big Alaska, and most of it is unlivable. Women are in charge and look Why quebec sucks act masculine like Men do in Male power societies, and the Men act submissive like Why quebec sucks women do in male power societies. It is simply not a priority to look good or have nice looking things. I think I am going to take your last 2 sentences hold them tight and run with them…. I've said it before, I'll say it again, the best writing in the world is on HA. Most girls that show interest in me here online are horrifying. Canada is a at least a more sane version of Full nude in michiana, albeit with the same cultural issues as the States. And I also think more ought to acquire the modest and humane qualities of which you write. It's too bad the smallminded threads are always the ones that get reignited. Try it. The Edmonton police also tried to take that away from me. And U. They forgot to mention that any country where it is the best place to be a woman is probably the worst place in the world to be a man.

Quebec is a wonderful place to live.

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Hey Editor! What happened here? Did you forget? What you wrote above has been written before. Quebec is a loser society, and you reiterated that the generosity of the programs is thanks to federal equalization payments. What happened to the report card?

It's the petty criminals that I want to see rehabilitated. LordDorchester Excellent post Editor. Many valid points. I once debated a Quebecois co-worker who was convinced that universal healthcare was a Quebec only characteristic the reason why our taxes were so much higher than Ontario's. This clown never set foot in another province and his only travel experience was a shitty all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean typical Quebecois.

As far as the Superior Culture argument goes, growing up during the 70's and 80's, I'd watch French TV from time to time and the words tacky or kitschy would not even come close to describing the crap their "creative artists" we're producing.

Up until the 's, Franco Quebec was still in the cultural dark ages. Some of the resident trolls routinely make fun of Canadian culture and how it's the poor cousin of Hollywood. My brother in-law, who grew up in Montreal, now writes for one of the networks in Hollywood and has been hired as an in house writer for a studio. His career arc started when he left Montreal for Toronto, then New York and now hes doing very well in Hollywood, which is not uncommon.

The typical career arc for a Quebecois artist or creative person is to move to Montreal and die in obscurity. Los Angeles had, up until recently, the fourth largest Canadian population of any North American city. Creative English speaking Canadians move south to further their career, they don't stay in Canada.

A large part of American culture, is actually made by Canadians. Other than a half dozen films, a circus and Celine, most of it is un-marketable. And that's fine for them, but it does mean that Canadians don't have media that showcase stories of interest to Canadians more than Americans.

The British and Australians, in comparison, produce quality TV and cinema like Canada never will, even though Australia's population is much less than Canada. This is due to the fact that the US is English and next door, so English Canadians are attracted there in a way that is less feasible for brits and australians.

The language barrier in Quebec does at least mean that local content is feasible, even if most of it is cheap remakes of american shows.

Tu sais, M. Care to enlighten the rest of us on the obviously many entertainment products created in Quebec that are enjoyed internationally, beyond those mentioned, best to educate the rest of us on them rather than simply chastise those for not knowing. Please refrain from mentioning products created by international companies with offices in Quebec. Thatguy : I am not a media mogul to be able to drag out a comprehensive list.

These are the ones I know. There is Un Gars, Une Fille which was reprised in more than 20 countries, but that one is already mentioned. That is without mentioning M. Lazahre, Rebelle, and Incendies which were oscar nominees in the past few years. Quebec cultural products will never rival American ones, and not even British or French ones, but that is to be expected of a population of 8 millions. But while a lot of it is tripe, there is also a lot of it that isn't.

If you're interested, you could read Why do French Canadian films thrive, while English Canadian films struggle to find an audience? As per usual, their hypocrisy is simply breathtaking. Half those names are unknown by a large number of Quebecers, not to mention by the vast majority of Canadians, let alone, say, by a Vermonter, so spare me the delusions of grandeur that they are "all enjoyed internationally".

Thank you for your cooperation. Arcade Fire doesn't need praise from ADISQ or other like organizations that are no more signficant than a tick on a dog. What are ticks good for? Lime disease! ADISQ and like orgnizations are self-congratulatory Quebec nationalist brainless storms that are about as interesting as a truck load of fertilizer. Dear student, I believe you are delusional.

I am not originally from Quebec, but I am well traveled and have many friends "internationally". Most people would draw a blank trying to recognize most of the artist on you list. Keep telling yourself whatever you need however. But I stand by the observation the Celine Dion and Cirque comment. Your comment is nothing more than a typical defense in the name of a existential identity crisis. So typical. Why do you still live in quebec if it sucks? You folks - the regulars here and the trolls - are actually loving to complain about your lives while accomplishing nothing.

At best, your combined whining should be considered a hobby in which you all pat each other on the backs for your miseries and sufferings. I have yet to witness this anywhere else in Canada. This would be like living in an abusive relationship where you tell your spouce you're OK and loving it. If you have yet to witness that anywhere else in Canada you have not looked very hard. I live in Winnipeg currently, and likely will for the foreseeable future.

I can tell you we complain just as much about the massive problems we have in this province and city as anyone in Quebec. When I lived in Ontario I complained there too, and find me a place anywhere in this country that does not do there fair share of complaining about the feds.

I believe it's the same for anyone who loves a place despite its problems, sometimes "complaining" airing your grievances and expressing your ideas among one another is all that can be done. Perhaps you create awareness, perhaps you change a few minds, regardless shutting up and going away is not really a solution and rebellion is hardly as easy and clean a thing as some would like to believe.

Social activism even if it's just a blog can and does help, it may be just a drop in the bucket and not worth the time of a superior man of action such as yourself but too the rest of us this kind of dialogue is very useful. A abusive relationship is a poor metaphor. It's actually more like an intervention, just because a person you love is imperfect does not mean you stop loving them. Talking openly with them about what's wrong and what needs to change even if it may hurt is the first step, even if they don't listen at first you may just get through to them one day.

Forgive me if I see that kind of loyalty to a person, a place, or a people an admirable thing and not something to sneer at. I am a anglo who moved from ontario to gatineau 2 years ago and i love quebec. No self respecting federalist anglophone would make the above statement if speaking of the politics in quebec. To be excluded from coverage of our Rights and Freedoms by our own provincial government, it's pretty difficult to "love quebec". We have had a terrific neighbourhood for many, many years until the IF came into play and until the PQ came into power.

The IF are causing much friction here for absolutely no reason other than to try to pull this area with them on their way to independence. This is part of the National Capital Region and should not be subjected to all the garbage that the IF try to push on the residents. All this does is drive business across the border hurting our own city's restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

If they refuse to serve the anglophones in the language of their choice, which is english, we just cross the border. Stupid game to play with people's livelihood but, again, the separatists don't give a damn about anything but themselves. To you, we are wasting time complaining. To us, we're igniting political awareness!! Your words are the greatest power you have. The words you choose and their use establish the life you experience. I beg to differ! Considering the amount of buzz this blog is generating compared to virtually any other blog dealing with Quebec affairs, I beg to differ as well.

Most other bloggers are rightfully green with envy at the Editor's success. In fact, does anyone know of another Quebec blog that has such a busy comment section as this one? Cutie Fair enough. I do not live in Quebec, in fact I never really lived their.

I do still have family there and used to stay in Quebec for several months at a time during construction season but you're right I do not have to live with it. That's one of the reasons I am usually pretty reticent to comment, kinda feel it's not my place. For the most part though I do get the sense from my family and many other anglophones when I used to work in Quebec that they do indeed care about the place which is why they so desperately want things to change.

I suppose there is of course those whose motivation is more about protecting there own rights and those of there community than trying to heal the problems out of patriotism. There's nothing wrong with that motivation I believe anyone can understand that, I certainly did not mean to speak for everyone.

Sorry DB - was referring to the comment by Anonymous that he moved from Ontario to quebec 2 years ago and "loves quebec" - your remarks were quite fine - next time I will be more careful to ensure I mark to whom I'm responding - by the way - good for you - not living here is your best decision. By far the most telling post from you yet, Editor. I've always been disgusted with these self-appointed stereotypes from seppies who see themselves as the members of a Utopian society that could do no wrong and somehow knows how to enjoy life so much more than the rest of the world.

I think the ones about vibrant culture and being more concerned with the environment are the worst. Which other provinces in the ROC don't seem to share. The province of Quebec is the most racist, bigoted, intolerant, xenophobic province or state in all of North America, decades of anti-English language bigotry proves this very well — The racist Bills 22, , They run the country, they funnel money where they want…watch the clip below…they are bankrupting the whole nation.

They are not to be trusted at all. The French see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe.

Australians have a zest for their leisure activities:fishing no licences req'd , whale watching, beach, BBQ, sports, gambling, bushwalking, etc. Oh…and when I think of Canada up there , I think…wow…how cool is that country!? Well, I'm sure she'll find another "renovation project". Canadians are politically correct on the outside but hateful and back stabbing on the inside. W-K P.

Why quebec sucks

Why quebec sucks

Why quebec sucks

Why quebec sucks

Why quebec sucks

Why quebec sucks. Why It Sucks To Be Canadian

He is very educated, but not used to dealing with the average Canadians like I am so has a different view if things. Given his job he was used to dealing with the elite of Canada and foreign countries. My mum is german born and that had a huge influence on my life. When my parents first hired Filipina maids 33 years ago, I connected with the culture there immediately and fell in love with it after my first visit there.

You have to wonder why such an absolutely huge place, second only to Russia in size, only has about 35 million people living there, most of them near the US border. Yes, you guessed it, for half of the year, Canada is a vast frozen wasteland of snow and ice, from east to west and north to south. Most Canadians take this for granted and grin and bear it, so most locals here are some pretty tough and hearty people.

If you don't like extreme cold however you will hate it here from about October to April. Spring and fall are cool, but summer is usually very hot and humid. The most mild climates are Victoria and Vancouver, where I live and they are the only places I am prepared to live in Canada.

The problem is I no longer want to live in Vancouver, so that means the only solution is to leave Canada. I think that if Canada were the same size but in at a lower latitude, it's population would be like the USA. Most Canadians brag about how big the country is and how it is bigger than the USA. This is true, but I would much rather have the USA as a territory to live in, it is only a bit smaller and has mild climates all year round in southern areas.

Canada is like one big Alaska, and most of it is unlivable. Just look at the northern territories of Canada, the area is huge and only , people live there. So the hostile weather has a huge reason on the small population here. Canada's massive size works against it, because it makes traveling areal time consuming affair. It even has 6 time zones, so going somewhere usually involves a long time and lot of money.

So traveling or doing business here is a real headache because you have a small population spread across a huge area and a very hostile climate. Canada's leader is a Woman and lives in another country.

Due to this, Canada is a well established matriarchy from the very top down, just like most of the Commonwealth and Anglosphere. They think that calling their wife the boss and having her in charge is totally normal. In fact, in Canada, Womens and Mens roles are reversed from the natural system. Women are in charge and look and act masculine like Men do in Male power societies, and the Men act submissive like foreign women do in male power societies.

Most men here have never known anything else, and assume this is the way it is everywhere. If they stood up to their wife, she would divorce him and he would have to give up half of what he owns and pay alimony just like in the USA. So marriage here is fraud, but most men don't realize it because they are so desperate to get a woman they sign the contract and become slaves. Canada was recently picked as the best country in the world to be a woman.

They forgot to mention that any country where it is the best place to be a woman is probably the worst place in the world to be a man. Funny how they never write articles about the best countries in the world to be a man, only the best place to be woman. I am now convinced that if Afghanistan is the worst country in the world to be a woman, Canada has to be the worst country in the world to be a man The Natives that were living here for thousands of years before Canada was "discovered", hate the white people and always have and will.

They hate all the other people from all over the world that decided to live here also. Just like in the USA, the British and French that came here years ago decimated the Native populations with war and disease, and said tough luck if you don't like it. Just like in the USA, the Natives here live in poverty on reservations. They have a much lower standard of living than others and have low life expectancy, high unemployment, high AIDS rate, high crime rate, high suicide rate, high drug and alcohol rate and just about every other bad statistic you can think of.

If you were to go to a Native reservation in Canada, you would think that you have just gone to a third world country. The native reservations are absent from tourist brochures and travel guides. To make up for killing most of them and ruining the lifestlye, culture, land and history the Canadian government gives the natives tax free status and pretty much anything else for free. They also always get lenient crime sentences compared to others. This will never change. The natives will never like the whites, or other immigrants and the immigrants will never get along with the natives.

The French people will never get along with the English or other people, and vice versa. The largest Province in Canada, Quebec is mostly French speaking, and every 20 years or so they threaten to separate from Canada and become a country called Quebec, not a province. Every time Canada votes on if Quebec should separate or not, the separatists always lose, and Canada stay together until another vote comes along some years later. They will never get along. For hundreds of years England and France were bitter enemies in Europe and this continues to show in Canada, where they have political and language battles.

Canada has French and English as official languages, so everything has to be in both. It's especially bad in Quebec where they actually have a "Language Police" that goes around making sure that everything is in French first and then English.

If you have a English only sign, you face heavy fines and punishment. To realize how extreme the language police get, a few years ago the Quebec government refused to pay for a disabled Quebec woman's assistance dog because the dog only understood commands in English and not French! Canada is always trying to keep American culture out, an impossible feat when the USA is your best friend and next door neighbor.

Canada is trying to establish it's own culture, and not have to much of an influence from the USA. This will never succeed, the USA is simply too strong and too close. Canada is always coming up with silly rules to keep American culture out, and Canadians are always trying to find new and creative ways to circumvent these laws.

If you are an American and are used to things you can easily get there, you will go crazy here. Most things American are blocked or don't work here.

Your satellite system is illegal here, your video or audio streaming website won't work unless you have a US IP address. Most websites you bought from in the USA won't ship to Canada. Even the superbowl commercials are blocked.

A thriving underground market of ways to bypass all these laws exist. Most Canadians do a lot of shopping in the USA, and have PO box addresses near the border to have shipments sent too and then picked up there. Their is really no culture. Canada is simply a British Empire manufactured kill and conquer country that anyone from anywhere in the world can come to and live in and say I am Canadian.

Multiculturalism is simply a polite word for people from anywhere in the world living together, but not really caring about any culture other than their own. Most nationalities here stick to their own countrymen and avoid others. About the only thing that will bring people together is a hockey game. Every race and nationality usually cheers when Canada always beats the USA at mens and womens hockey, even though all the players are white.

This business of keeping USA culture out of Canada is nonsense. Neither country has any real culture. Compared to Europe or Asia which has thousands of years of culture and history, Canada has pretty much nothing.

The Native culture that existed here before the white people came was wiped out long ago and the shattered remnants live in squalor on reservations. Most Canadians have low standards when it comes to their appearance, possessions and women. You don't realize this until you go abroad, where most Canadians look and act absurd in foreign settings. I remember when I was living in europe and met other Canadians I was usually disappointed or sometimes horrified by their behaviour or appearance.

It is simply not a priority to look good or have nice looking things. Standards of beauty are low, since people would rather have cheap things than nice looking things. Most houses are big and ugly, and filled with possessions that they don't need, but bought because the bank gave them a huge line of credit.

When the english and french pioneers first settled here a few hundred years ago, the top priority was to stay warm, have food and shelter, if you don't you will freeze to death by october. This is still evident in the attitudes of people. Yes you have all the same modern comforts you have in the USA, but staying warm, dry and fed is the main priority. Due to this, other things rarely matter. Most people owe a huge amount of money, and think this is completely normal.

The government is to blame because they regulate the banks and allow people with pathetic jobs to get impossible mortgages and lines of credit, which those people use to buy thing they don't need, with the money they don't have. Although the banking system here is very secure and highly regarded, it is inherently fraudulent and one day will get a wake up call. Having huge household debt is completely normal here and expected. People will be shocked if you tell them you owe no money.

Living payday to payday is the norm here, and I f you don't people won't like you because you are richer than them and they will look down on you for being that way. If you are a rich guy, other guys will be jealous of you and won't like you, and the gold digging women will like you, but only for your money, so being rich here doesn't make it any better. It doesn't get you better women, weather or social environment.

Being different here in any way, even positive is looked down upon and you are seen as elitist and most people will want nothing to do with you. This is the story of my life here. Even now, I'm seen as a freak, although I'm sure many men are jealous of me but refuse to admit it.

I owe no money, payed off my mortgage in 8 years, and now don't have a job. All this is seen as very strange. I used to drink a bit but now am completely sober. This is why I don't socialize here because the subject of why I don't drink will always come up and annoy me. I have never smoked or used drugs including marijuana. Smoking marijuana here is completely normal and if you say you have never done it most will be quite surprised!

I don't watch sports or TV, rarely watch movies and don't go to live sporting events. I only date foreign women, I speak 3 languages, and have been to 33 countries, and only date dutch. If you add all these things up that I don't do and tell them to the average Canadian, they would be shocked and would think me a freak and want nothing to do with me, simply because I am different than them, even if it is more positive.

Dating here is a very frustrating and depressing experience. I am picky and only date non white girls, although I prefer asians.

I don't want them to smoke, do drugs, have tattoos, and I prefer non drinkers. I want them to be slim, younger than me and feminine. In Asia of course, I would have millions of girls that fit the bill and would chase me, that's why I have over messages on DIA. But here in Canada of course, I'm seen again as a freak that can't handle a strong woman.

I really only use online dating here, where I get nowhere. Most messages go unread and the selection women is awful. They all have impossible expectations and are absurdly picky. The few local girls I met here online were epic disasters. Most girls that show interest in me here online are horrifying.

They are usually overweight 40 something divorced mothers with tattoos. If I wanted to, I probably could get lots of dates with women, but they would all be ones I have no interest in. I don't just hit on random girls because I figure they will do all the things I don't want.

I would rather look at porn than have one of the local girls. I had luck with Japanese foreign exchange students as I wrote about in another post. But after my trip to the Philippines I realize that nothing will ever compare to that, so that's where I am headed asap.

Living in the big impersonal and cold Canadian cities is depressing enough, but the small towns are even worse. I once spent a year at boarding school in the late s in a town of people, on the outskirts of a town of people, two hours north of Toronto.

The place was so depressing I still have nightmares about it and the school. The place was simply so backwards and petty it was infuriating. The whole life centered around the hockey rink and the team made up of the local teenage hooligans who's only accomplishment was being able to play hockey. It doesn't really matter where it is in Canada, a small town here is like going back in time.

The attitudes of people, the lifestyles, the small minded redneck blue collar way of living and thinking is to me hell on earth. Add the long cold depressing winters, awful girls, obsession with hockey, and negative anglo-saxon influence and you have a true hell on earth. The English and the French were the first Europeans to settle here and due to this the anglo-saxon influence is the basis for people behaviour here, and this means that no matter where in the world immigrants come from to settle in canada, they will eventually end up behaving in the same idiotic way as the local white people.

Even if they don't, their kids will. It is totally normal here for kids from any background or nationality to behave exactly as all the local white kids do. So even though the parents might try to raise their kids in the traditional way they were raised in their home country, the influence of white anglo-saxon culture is simply overpowering and once the kids are in school or watch local TV they are ruined for life. When it comes to shopping, banking, taxes and fees, Canada is usually hopelessly obsolete, but once again you don't notice it unless you go abroad.

Selection and pricing compared to the USA is pathetic. Just compare Amazon. A lot of prices are double, and even shipping costs more, that's why I have an address in Point Roberts.

Banking and credit card deals are usual pathetic to what is offered in the USA, but you have no alternatives, so most Canadians just take what they can get. Cell phone deals and contracts are laughable compared to the rest of the world because it is all government controlled.

Get this, in Canada, you have to pay to receive phone calls and texts! Abroad this would cause revolts, but here everyone thinks this is normal. So if you answer the phone, and talk it eats into your minutes, and so does getting texts.

Compared to the USA, everything except healthcare is a pretty much a rip-off, that's what you get for having only 35 million people spread across a vast frozen land where we have 2 languages and snow and ice half the year.

I haven't lived in the US, so I can't really compare them, but i know most of the problems in the USA are similar to the ones here. After all the USA is the the high school bully and Canada is his best friend and has the locker next to him.

So if you are an American looking for a change of lifestyle and culture, coming here won't make much difference, in fact, you might find it worse.

If you are used to doing things the American way, you will miss what you had there. I think that Canada is probably a worse place to live than the USA because it is a poor imitation of something that is already bad to begin with. It is like burger king, when you are used to Mcdonalds. I really wonder to myself how Canadians, especially men can honestly say they are happy here.

Do they really think that out of everywhere on the planet this is really the best they can do? There are so many places where it is smaller, warmer, the girls are better, the food is better, etc. Yes it is a good place to make money,just like the USA, as the incomes and standards of living are about the same. But if you take those things away, it loses it's appeal immediately.

The only other way would be for Canadian men to revolt against the feminists until they win, but since people here are sheeple and too passive that is very unlikely to happen. I would love to see it though. If every man in Canada decided to stop paying child support and alimony and refuse to get married it would have an effect. Recently students in Quebec demonstrated against tuition hikes and won, so you never know what can happen.

I think the only advantage have had here is the money I made, which will enable me to leave ASAP and hopefully for good. So to sum things up, for those men who have never lived in Canada, I find it a very strange and irritating place to live because: It is too big and cold for my liking. Travel takes a very long time and costs a lot of money. The weather is bitterly cold and depressing for at least half of the year. The cold weather makes people stay inside and gives them cold personalities, especially the girls.

Since it is a matriarchy, women are unofficially in charge and hold the power balance over men. Men are too whipped to do anything about it. Most women have little self respect and are not concerned with their public appearance. They are often overweight,tattooed, smoke pot and cigarettes, drink too much and dress poorly. They still think they are irresistible to men even though they do all these masculine things. The cost of doing business is very high because of the sheer size and small population.

Everything has to be in english and french and Quebec is always threatening to separate from the rest of Canada. If you want to enjoy US programming and services, you will hate it here. Things are frequently much more expensive here compared with the same item in the USA even if our dollars are at par. This is due to the vast distances, 2 languages, the CSA standards, a small population and industry wide price fixing.

People are sheeple and don't understand how someone can be different than them. If you don't drink, smoke pot, have a lot debt and useless material items, or if you think logically and are an introvert, you will hate it here just like I do most of the time just like I do.

Nearly all of them had tattoos, smoked like chimneys and drank excessively, a very unattractive look. They value savings, unlike the West. I live km west of Toronto. I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. The weather is terrible, the women are ugly and masculine, it has no culture, you cant go anywhere without a car, people are anti-intellectual, everyone is obsessed with hockey, people are cliquish etc.

I just don't understand how Canada is always rated as one of the best countries to live in. I also don't fit in the fake and superficial culture here. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs and somehow that is seen as weird here. I really can't wait to finish university and leave this culturally backwards frozen feminist hellhole. I also don't like it how in Canada men are repressed and are not allowed to flirt with women. Also foreign women are so much better than Canadian women in every way and I have absolutely zero interest in Canadian and anglo-saxon women in general.

Dowd wrote: The French people will never get along with the English or other people, and vice versa. Most people owe a huge amount of money, and think this is completely normal That's great, but they really just do what the USA tells them to.

They are in bed with the USA so much that the old joke goes like this: the Canadian prime ministers have bad breath because US presidents like baked beans. Canada and the US go hand in hand on pretty much everything, and after all they are the largest economic trading partners in the world.

It is rare to have Canada say no to the USA asking them for help or support. The border is quite lax and until recently you didn't even need a passport to cross it! You do now , but only if flying, if you want to drive across all you need is ID. So Canada's image is really mostly affected by what the USA does, on our own we don't do much.

Date Posted: Sep 16, 2. Let me fix it for you. You know my price. Southern Ontario. Date Posted: Sep 16, 3. Date Posted: Sep 16, 4. Date Posted: Sep 16, 5. Date Posted: Sep 16, 6. That's been a known fact for a while now.

AtteroDominatus , Sep 16, Date Posted: Sep 16, 8. Date Posted: Sep 16, 9. TheGreatEscape , Sep 16, Date Posted: Sep 16, KeithDeluxe likes this. Slamlord , Sep 16, Last edited by Slamlord , Sep 16, My professor forgot his yarmulk at home he's Irish and not Jewish was going to wear one in protest. Snow Sucks. FWDictator , Sep 16, KeithDeluxe , Sep 16, How big are things like Shamanism and Reiki in Quebec?

I've told you this many times though too, curious about the Inmost Light? Then do an initiation yourself. Try it. Follow the principles in Idea of the Holy and The Gift etc just do it. The Old Ways The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James This book is quite long and covers a range of different unrelated things, but the author was himself deeply interested in spiritualism and the paranormal.

The best chapter in here is called The Reality of the Unseen.

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Top definition. Quebec unknown. Legal drinking age : 18, real drinking age : Quebec's a rolling party! A province of Canada which is not part of USA, you dumb fuck heads in which French is the number one language.

Their ancestors were French from France, but they we're conquered in by England because France army sucked ass. People from Quebec are kinda patriotic and that's why they want to show who they are to the rest of Canada. I went to Quebec and I had to buy a French-English berlitz because everything is in french over there.

Quebec is damn cool; parties everywhere! Quebec's chicks are damn hot. Quebec sports. I went to Quebec to see the Bonhomme. The land where the Quebecers live. The majority of the population is mixed in the 4 major ethic group, the french who comes from the colonization by the french empire, years ago , the british who comes from the Conquest or so years ago by the british empire the Indigenous nations who lived there before the european came here and the irish who immigrated here because of the famine that occured in their country conquered by the British.

There is the Neo-Quebecers the immigrants of the last century who majorly flee the wars of the 20th century or wanted to live in a new contry. The official language is the french because it is spoken by the majority of the population. The forests are beautiful in Quebec. P - please use the other door. January 02, Quebec is a beautiful province with great nature and great cities such as Montreal.

Quebecois are party and family people , kinda like italians. Though replace the spaghetti with Poutine, and the wine with beer. Stranger : Wtf is that? Stranger : SURE! Dolemite Tampa Prep T2P Bungles Yandhi Dutch wife National give ur smallest friend a hug day

Why quebec sucks

Why quebec sucks

Why quebec sucks