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Sneaking out to a dance in town, wilful young ladies Caroline and Amelia are caught by Amelia's stuffy governess. Miss Blake takes each girl over her knee for a firm, no-nonsense spanking. Amelia and Caroline are sneaking out to a dance in town, hoping to have a little fun, and perhaps meet some officers. Unfortunately for them, they are caught by Amelia's stuffy governess Miss Blake before they even make it past the front door. She hauls the pair of them upstairs and shows Caroline what happens to young ladies in this house when they misbehave.

Edwardian spanking

Edwardian spanking

Mrs Palmer Edwardin how to make the most of one of her charges in this situation. A Edwardian spanking coin has been found in the room of Blake, one of the maids. It succeeded Edwardian spanking Victorian era -and is sometimes extended to include the period up to the sinking of the RMS Titanic inthe start of World War I inor even the end of the war in The black stockings followed, Edwardian spanking the petticoat, and the calf-length gingham dress. When he had finished a red-faced Emily got to her feet and pulled up the drawers. But it was just no use and your father had to eventually accept that the Dean knew best.

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In artthe new style Art Nouveau flourished. Baby clothing pants corduroys jeans she need firm correction? Novels linking sexual arousal to corporal punishment, sadismand femdom humiliation which began Edwardian spanking the Victorian era came to full fruition in the Edwardian age. Elsie stepped forward and undid the ties down the back of the gown, parted it and tucked the sides between Winifred and the apparatus. Winifred lay down on her side and ran her hand over her throbbing bottom. Embed Code. Curiosity got the better of her and she mounted the three steps to the door to read the plate. The following week she Edwardian spanking sitting in her lounge browsing Edwardian spanking her ladies magazine when an advertisement caught her eye. Mrs Askew gratefully accepted the pamphlet and went Edwarvian her way home. Winifred offered up a quick prayer that her mother would choose the thin one. Categories : Settings History. Mrs Eswardian ran her finger over the canes, spanjing anxiously by Winifred through tear-filled eyes. It was in fact, some weeks before Winifred transgressed.

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  • The year is and Mrs Askew, the wife of an eminent doctor, was taking the air near to her home in a fashionable part of London.
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  • It succeeded the Victorian era - , and is sometimes extended to include the period up to the sinking of the RMS Titanic in , the start of World War I in , or even the end of the war in

Saturday, 29 September Just relax Labels: Clenching , spanking. Friday, 28 September Classic art: Lewis Bald. Labels: s , art , Edwardian , Lewis Bald. Thursday, 27 September Searching revisited. Labels: sandal , Slipper , SQ. Wednesday, 26 September Home thoughts. Phrases we love, episode one.

In town shopping today SO used the magic phrase, although sadly only in fun. We were looking at pasta at the time, but I immediately got that weak-at-the-knees, melty feeling. There's that bit of pleasing ambiguity about it that makes the statement so good - what exactly is it that's going to happen when you're back to at home? Clearly it is going to be a straight upstairs and get your panties down sort of deal, but what next?

Driving home I spent some time mulling over the possibilities. I decided I preferred option one - the straight upstairs and over the bed for a good whipping with my belt. In my mind's eye that looked a winner. Unfortunately, we didn't have the house to ourselves this afternoon, but it was a nice thought even so. Labels: belt , whipping. Monday, 24 September Cinderella search. Finding the right slipper is more difficult than you'd think.

In fact, it's like the opposite of Cinderella. They tried that slipper on hundreds of girls before finding the perfect fit. I've tried hundreds of slippers, but never quite discover my idea of perfection. This is a very British thing, I know. The rest of the world probably thinks we're weird using footwear to spank naughty bottoms with, but in the days of school CP it was the entry-level spanking implement of choice at most schools.

So it is very much part of my spanko psychology. You misbehave, you go to fetch the slipper. The problem is that in my experience you just can't get slippers that do the job properly. Now if you haven't tried it, a good slipper punishment is quite something. For me it's as satisfying as good fast food - other meals may be closer to art, but fast food is just what you need when you need it.

Labels: Slipper , spanking. Thursday, 20 September Situation vacant. Wednesday, 19 September Bad, but good. Monday, 17 September It's truly shocking Labels: Prescription spanking. Tuesday, 11 September Adds up? Labels: school s. Friday, 7 September Swingers revisited. Labels: 19th Century , swing , vintage. Wednesday, 5 September Sounds suspect? Sunday, 2 September Good book. The thing about technology is that it changes us in unexpected ways.

I wasn't entirely convinced about the whole ebook thing at first because I love the look and the feel of a real printed book. I keep the ones I love the best and find it really hard to part with them. But then I got a Kindle and found that it does have its advantages. Wherever I go I can take a couple of dozen books with me, not just one. And, of course, I can sit on a train reading a perfectly shocking book and nobody around me needs to know You can judge a book by its cover, which is why a naughty ebook is such a great travelling companion.

Labels: ebook. Saturday, 1 September By numbers. Sorry, but I'm a bit obsessed with numbers. I've been here before, but here I go again. I wouldn't usually buy a copy of Glamour which claims on the cover to be Britain's No1 women's magazine , but a friend stopped over and left a copy in our guest room. No surprise there for anyone reading or writing this. But, of course, there's a passing reference to spanking. The article says: "For most part your tastes are simple.

But occasionally you go for something a little more out-there. And on the "out-there" list between role-play and man-on-man sex is spanking, which 16 per cent of the readers polled said they look at. Which means that when you walk into a room with 25 women in it four of them will have an active interest in things spanko.

Or one in 6. I read this after popping into town to pick up some stuff from the pharmacy and found myself counting back over the women I met. Walking up the high street I bumped into my best friend's sister and had a quick chat.

In the three shops I went into I was served by women, the tea I bought in the coffee shop was served by a very pretty teen and both the pharmacist and her assistant were female. So who, of those six women forget the quarter was one of us? I have a gay friend who's always boasting about his gaydar - I wish I had spankdar Labels: Purefoy , spanking , statistics.

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I can show you my book of references from satisfied clients if you wish. Then to lean forward against it and place her arms outstretched on the two wooden supports. Mrs Massey continued showing no sign of emotion. Mrs Massey pulled a cord hanging from the ceiling and in a few moments a young woman, not a lot older than Winifred, appeared. He translated scores of French novels, particularly those of Hughues Rebell aka Jean de Villiot , into English and often rewrote them to appeal to upper middle class English and American buyers who wanted books that were both intellectually respectable and risque. Mrs Askew looked around.

Edwardian spanking

Edwardian spanking

Edwardian spanking

Edwardian spanking

Edwardian spanking

Edwardian spanking. Recent Posts

Embed Code. Custom Size. Message Optional. Description: Sneaking out to a dance in town, spirited young ladies Caroline and Amelia are caught by Amelia's stuffy governess.

She hauls them both upstairs and shows Caroline what happens to young ladies in this house when they misbehave. The governess takes each girl over her knee and gives her a firm, no-nonsense spanking with her hand and leather paddle. Tags: costumes historical punishment paddle CP discipline. Models: Amelia Jane Rutherford. Showing 1 to 10 of 12 comments. Great video. Nobody can spank quite like the lovely Pandora. Great concept Would you like to accompany me? Mrs Massey led Mrs Askew out of the room and into an adjacent room.

The room had no window but had whitewashed walls and a small table in the corner. There were two gas lamps on each of two of the walls giving the room a fairly well lit feeling.

My young assistant will undress your daughter and put her into one of these gowns ready for her chastisement. Hanging from hooks on the wall was a selection of white cotton full length gowns with ties all the way down. At my previous address I had many customers.

I can show you my book of references from satisfied clients if you wish. The birching stool, was in fact an upright wooden structure which the recipient would lean against and would cause them to be bent slightly forward from the waist. Protruding forward from the top were two flat wooden arms upon which the recipient would lay their arms and then the wrists would be tied to the ends.

You are at liberty to select the one with which I would administer the chastisement. I find that often a girl is very distressed after their chastisement and some even faint during or after it has taken place, so we allow them in here to recover.

Mrs Askew looked around. Down one wall was a bed with a small table at the top end. On the table was a glass decanter containing water, a glass, and a bottle of smelling salts. The number of strokes of the cane can be as little as three to as much as twenty-four, delivered to their bare bottom. If you would care to take this pamphlet with all the details on, including my fees.

Mrs Askew gratefully accepted the pamphlet and went on her way home. Now it was a question of waiting until daughter Winifred misbehaved again. It was in fact, some weeks before Winifred transgressed. Mrs Askew was looking out of the window overlooking the back entrance to the house when the delivery boy from the butcher arrived. How many times have I told you not to speak to errand boys? Have you no dignity, consorting with the working classes?

Mrs Askew rang the bell, went to the writing desk in the room and took out the pamphlet from Mrs Massey. Half an hour later Trixie was back. There you will be whipped for willful disobedience. Mrs Askew was not a lady to argue with and Winifred knew it. On arrival Mrs Massey took hats and coats and then led Mrs Askew and Winifred downstairs to the office. Mrs Massey pulled a cord hanging from the ceiling and in a few moments a young woman, not a lot older than Winifred, appeared.

Finally, her flannel petticoat and drawers. Then with Winifred standing naked, she selected the appropriate sized gown and instructed Winifred to put it on back to front with the ties at the back. She then tied them up and Winifred was ready. The room was quite cold and Winifred was shivering, although not from the temperature but from fear.

Elsie then led the trembling Winifred to the next room. Inside she told Winifred to stand against the equipment with the front of her legs firmly against it. Then to lean forward against it and place her arms outstretched on the two wooden supports. Elsie left the room and Winifred started to weep quietly as she waited.

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Click here if you want to register a new account or here if you forgot your login details. Unmissable for lovers of corsetry, severe punishment, spanking and birching. Pandora Blake plays a spirited wench who finds work in a brothel. She must please a gentleman with cruel tastes; and his demands test her fortitude more than anything she has endured before. Millicent Heaton's behaviour is out of control. Her hapless mother brings her to Oakfield Road Academy, where disciplinarian Mrs Smith conducts her notorious method for reforming intractable girls.

Meet Mrs Smith - a Victorian disciplinarian with a unique method for dealing with intractable girls. A new historical birching fantasy starring four icons of the UK spanking scene. A young strumpet is introduced to a client with very particular tastes. She tries to please him - but she isn't expecting the cane. Pandora Blake and Thomas Cameron star in this erotic Victorian spanking scene. Caroline and Amelia enlist Will the footman to deliver some counterfeit invitations to a forthcoming dinner party.

Governess Miss Blake finds out the plot, and disciplines all three conspirators with the cane. What dark secrets does this building keep - and can it really be haunted? After being spotted sneaking back into the estate after a night out drinking, undergardener Sebastian is taken to task by the strict Housekeeper.

She bares his bottom for 30 stinging strokes of the birch. A stolen coin has been found in the room of Blake, one of the maids. When confronted she pleads family trouble, and begs for mercy. But iIt won't save her from a punishment of 50 cold strokes of the cane. Michael, the Headmaster's son, has already been caned for last term's prank. In the empty school of the summer holidays his father insists on birching him for it too - not as a schoolboy this time, but as a man.

Dreams of Spanking: fairtrade spanking, corporal punishment and discipline fantasies by Pandora Blake. The Victorian Brothel - the film Film running time with gallery of 60 photos. Mrs Smith's Method Film running time with gallery of screengrabs. Introducing Mrs Smith Gallery of 44 high resolution photographs. The Victorian Brothel Gallery of 32 high quality photographs.

Invitations Film running time with gallery of 74 photographs. A Ghost Story Film running time with gallery of 66 high resolution screengrabs. The Undergardener's Birching Film running time with gallery of 33 photographs.

The Whipped Maid Film running time with gallery of 52 high res photos. Boarding School Birching Film running time with gallery of 48 photographs.

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Edwardian spanking

Edwardian spanking