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Celebrities wearing braces

But apparently she thought she could do better. Other options are the traditional braces, clear aligners like Invisalign and the least common lingual braces. Nelson Cruz Even professional athletes benefit from a straighter smile. Please log in to comment. Just a few days ago I went to get my wires adjusted and my husband inquired about some glue he had on his teeth Celebrities wearing braces many years from weaing he had when he was younger and Dr. Lena Friedman 06 Mar She could have also used braces as a springboard for more dental work. Faith Hill got her braces at age

Cowgirl wall art. MORE IN LIFE

It was endearing and cute, but by no means did it foreshadow the hotness that he would eventually show off in Hollywood. Because she Boy cumshot vids them for such a short period of time, she was able to get them on and off between the third and fourth Celebrities wearing braces Potter movies. She said that she liked getting her braces because she thought they were cool and made her look like a teenager. We love everything about that picture, even if she may find it a tad embarrassing. But the year-old country star has been sporting them for a while. Fantasia Barrino. Emma Watson. Sometimes it seems like forever, and you have those moments when you wonder if fixing your overbite is really worth all the pain and awkwardness. Once they were straight, Cyrus also reportedly Celebrities wearing braces porcelain veneers to keep her extra-smiley. Lordes Maria Ciccone Leon.

Look at the fluffy little hairs on his chin!

  • While some of you may think that braces are cool, for those who have actually worn them, they are like a strait jacket for our mouths.
  • At the Grammy Awards earlier this week, Faith Hill wore an unlikely accessory on the red carpet—a set of braces.
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At the Grammy Awards earlier this week, Faith Hill wore an unlikely accessory on the red carpet—a set of braces. But the year-old country star has been sporting them for a while. And I forgot to wear my retainer," she confessed. In Asia now, teens are wearing Ugly Betty -style fake braces to make a fashion statement. But Gwen Stefani was more than a decade ahead of that trend. In , the No Doubt singer started wearing metal in her mouth but claimed it was just a style choice.

Stefani admitted to Access Hollywood that she had always wanted them as a child, but "I could afford them at that point, and that's when I went and got them.

When you have one of the most famous smiles in the world, how do you improve it without people noticing? Tom Cruise solved this impossible mission in by wearing mostly invisible braces with ceramic brackets. Having just turned 40, Cruise gave his teeth a tune-up for a few months, and then the braces came off before the paparazzi got in his face. At the age of 61, Academy Award-winning actress Faye Dunaway decided to polish her glamorous image, and she began with her smile.

After winning American Idol in , Fantasia Barrino was all smiles. But apparently she thought she could do better. Fantasia wore the braces for a year or so, at which point her smile straighter and brighter. But even as late as , Fantasia was seen wearing braces or at least a retainer to keep her teeth in line. Over the years, Dakota Fanning has had some major dental issues as this YouTube video makes clear , including lots of missing teeth, pulled teeth, several retainers, multiple sets of braces, and an awkward halo-style headgear that she once wore on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Growing up in the glare of the British royal family, there is no escaping being photographed during your awkward years. And like his older brother, Prince William, Prince Harry was often seen wearing a set of braces as a teenager. That will teach him to smile. But when Miley Cyrus needed braces as a teenager, she opted for something her character Hannah Montana would have understood—secrecy. Instead of going with the classic train tracks or even invisible braces, Cyrus wore lingual braces behind her teeth.

Once they were straight, Cyrus also reportedly got porcelain veneers to keep her extra-smiley. Katy Perry is not afraid to suffer for her art—or at least goof on her pinup image. Which is a shame, because with all that metal in their mouths, sparks would fly. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Wait, Mercury is Turning Retrograde on Halloween?! Getty Images. Faith Hill rocked a set of braces at the Grammy Awards.

Faith Hill. Gwen Stefani. Emma Watson. Tom Cruise. Faye Dunaway. Fantasia Barrino. Dakota Fanning. Prince Harry. Miley Cyrus. Katy Perry. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Culture.

Niall Horan. Faye Dunaway. Well, celebs will never be totally normal, but seeing them in braces is definitely a breath of fresh air and a nice reminder that even the rich and the famous do not have perfect DNA. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Jaden Smith.

Celebrities wearing braces

Celebrities wearing braces

Celebrities wearing braces

Celebrities wearing braces

Celebrities wearing braces. Oconto Falls

Willow Smith. Even when she was only 12 years old, Willow was already a total fashionista. She made the best of having braces, treating them as part of her outfits, accessorizing her outfits with funky colored rubber bands for her brackets.

Willow Shields. Willow got her braces when she was just 11 years old, but had to take them off every time she was filming for The Hunger Games. After years of taking them on and off, she made the switch to Invisalign, and now has picture perfect teeth. Jaden Smith. Jaden rocked braces back when we first met him as the Karate Kid at just 11 years old.

Niall Horan. Braces take all the credit for Niall's swoon-worthy grin. Niall had his braces put on when he was 17 years old in right as One Direction shot to fame. He got them taken off just two years later in , and celebrated with this tweet. This is it! I'm goin to the dentist! I think this is my last hour with braces! Oh how I'm gona miss them! Lordes Maria Ciccone Leon.

Lordes can thank mom Madonna and the braces she rocked when she was 13 for her killer smile. Noah Cyrus. Noah was so excited when she got her braces at just 11 years old, she sang the theme song to the cartoon Braceface to celebrate!

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. How to Look Like a Cheermazon from "Daybreak". Meet the Cast of "Looking for Alaska". Everything About Hailey Baldwin's Family! Think Angelina Jolie is a real-life superwoman now? Well, then you should have seen her way back in the day. She may be super awesome now, married to Brad Pitt, and serving as an ambassador in the United Nations, but that was not always the case. Hey, you have to start somewhere, right? Back in high school, Jolie was not the big girl on campus.

Not even close. She was scrawny and more of an outcast and had a mouth full of braces. At this point, she was not doing much acting, but she did get back into it once she turned The braces eventually came off, she —um- developed, and she broke out into stardom.

It seems that we have seen everything there is to see about Britney Spears. Yet many of us were unaware that Brit once walked around with a mouth full of metal. Even when she was liberated from her braces, she still had to wear a retainer full of spittle.

Yet Britney has said that she has fond memories of those metal-mouth days. She said that she liked getting her braces because she thought they were cool and made her look like a teenager.

From the bushy-haired, wild-eyebrow girl to the sleek and sophisticated young lady, Emma Watson has truly flourished, inside and out.

Yet what we may not have known is that Emma once wore metal braces as well. This was before she graced the big screen as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter films. In one photo, we can see a youthful-than-ever Emma wearing a cowgirl hat and donning a mouth full of metal.

Too cute! We love everything about that picture, even if she may find it a tad embarrassing. We know the Kardashians as being seemingly flawless in their looks although their personalities are another story.

While most of the focus is on Kim and Kourtney, Khloe is still in the running. When she was 28 years old, she got braces, but they were not the traditional metal bracket kind. Khloe opted for Invisalign, because let's be honest: a Kardashian in braces would just be plain wrong.

Khloe was very vocal and proud of her Invisalign and thanked her dentist publicly. At the same time as her new braces, Khloe was trying to slim down and lose weight. It was a full transformation! Which, let's be honest, lasted quite a while. Anyway, Drew was able to rock those braces, but she definitely has blossomed into a much more attractive adult. No offense, Drew. Yet the photos of her in braces is just the beginning. Here we see Drew with a wild head of full-on 80s hair, weirdly cut bangs, too pale eye shadow, and a paisley-printed jacket.

She completes the look with a face full of baby fat. Oh, what an improvement we see now! Drew has become not only beautiful, but she is still highly successful and talented. Ready to see an embarrassing photo of Prince Harry? No, not his very public rendezvous when he donned his birthday suit. This is a photo that goes back, way back in the day. It shows Harry with a mouth full of metal braces, and he is barely recognizable.

He certainly looks a lot better now. His hair is a dashing shade of red, rather than the mousy brown it is in the childhood photo. And he must have realized that the whole geek-chic look was not working out, because he looks much cooler now. In , the blonde haired beauty of the British boy band One Direction was finally liberated from his metal mouth. Naill Horan had been donning the brackets for a while and was ecstatic to get them taken off. So, how did the Brit celebrate?

With Japanese food of course! The star also tweeted almost immediately after shedding those braces and included a before and after photo comparison. Not so cute? What could possibly make Tom Cruise look less attractive? If you do not believe us, then just take a look on the Internet.

Sorry, Tom, but braces are definitely not your thing. He was actually proud to show them off on the red carpet, and this was back in , so it is most likely that everyone else has forgotten about it by now.

Plus we are pretty sure that his Oprah couch-jumping incident has gained more popularity and renown for the actor. Oh, cute Little Dakota Fanning. We have watched her grow up on the big screen, quite literally! But as for Dakota, she started out as a tiny firecracker and then she grew into a beautiful young adult almost overnight.

However, in the middle somewhere she ended up wearing braces. Just look through a video compilation of crazy teeth problems. She has talked to Oprah, Ellen, and various morning and late night talk show hosts about it. Apparently, she actually does not have an enzyme in her body that can break down baby teeth, so she got them all pulled.

So the fact that he got braces back in will only give in to the weirdo claims. Yet the actor opted for the metal brackets on his bottom teeth because he clearly needed to have them straightened out.

Personally, we think he should have just gone all the way and gotten both top and bottom braces, but whatevs. He can do what he wants. We all already know that Gwen Stefani can rock just about anything.

Come on, this is the girl who headed the band No Doubt and used her girl power to keep those guys in line! She always exudes eccentric hotness, and she did even when she wore braces.

This was back in , and Gwen was actually 30 years old at the time. But she said that the braces were her gift to herself. Gwen had promised herself that when she had the sufficient funds, she would do something about her crooked teeth.

Well hey, we told you she was an independent and powerful woman! Austin Mahone just loves to share on social media, much like many people his age these days. So when he was getting his braces off, it was a big event.

Famous Faces with Braces - Faith Hill and More Celebrities Who Had Braces

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Celebrities wearing braces