Boy scouts camp sex story-Convincing my Hung Scout Camp Roomie to go skinny dipping - Gay Sex Story

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Boy scouts camp sex story

Boy scouts camp sex story

Boy scouts camp sex story

Boy scouts camp sex story

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Rubber lining tankers. Two weeks after the Boy Scout Trip.....

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I had started off as a cub scout when I must have been 8 or 9 and stayed with the program all the up to earning an Eagle Scout badge.

  • It was about at night, it had just rained, so me, four other girls and the older guys all about years old from my troop decided to meet up with a couple of the older guys from another troop we hang out with a lot.
  • I had started off as a cub scout when I must have been 8 or 9 and stayed with the program all the up to earning an Eagle Scout badge.
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  • My nsfw Boy Scout Camp Story

Author's note: the following story is a work of fiction and in no way is intended to reflect any person, past or present. The author expresses his appreciation to Signore Calcio for his story ideas and support and to lilredjammies for her proofreading expertise.

Jack had always been an outdoorsman and had taught Cindy to enjoy the great outdoors as well. They had taken Sean camping when he was so young he had to stay in a baby carrier. But as he grew, he loved the outdoors and fishing with his dad and helping his mom around camp. There was always a shortage of leaders and by Sean's second year in the Cubs, Cindy had been convinced to sign on as a den mother.

By his first year in Boy Scouts, Jack had agreed to become a leader as well. Thus the whole family continued their education in the ways of the scouting.

In Sean's first year away from home in college, Jack and Cindy had decided to continue their commitment to the scouts. Although Sean had achieved the status of Eagle Scout during his senior year in high school, there really were few Eagle Scouts in the BSA organization.

So it was a mild surprise when Jack and Cindy were asked to take charge of a small troop of five boys who had all achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. They were all in their last year of high school, all rather introverted young men but very intelligent sorts Each of them had celebrated his eighteenth birthday just before the start of the school term or shortly thereafter.

The early fall meetings had been something of a challenge, trying to keep up with the five brilliant minds. Anything that involved reading, the five scouts devoured hungrily as if it was candy. They didn't do badly on things associated with community service except that all five of the boys were so shy around new people that it sometimes was painful for them to accomplish their assigned tasks.

However once started they diligently kept at it until the task was done and, in the tradition of the Eagle Scouts, done right. Jack and Cindy had a great time with the young men and once they had come to know each other, the boys proved to be quite outgoing.

So by mid-October, Jack and Cindy had decided to take the troop on a long weekend camping trip as a reward for their accomplishments. October weather in the southern states is usually great camping weather, neither too hot nor too cold. This year was no exception with predicted temperatures ranging from 60 to While they were making their own plans for the trip, Jack broached an idea that he had been toying with for some time.

Cindy's birthday would fall on the Saturday of the trip and he had a thought for how they might celebrate her 37th anniversary of it. When he first laid out her plans, she was skeptical that it would work but the more they discussed it, the better she liked it so she agreed to go along with his plan. With the boy's school being shut down on Friday and Monday, the plan was for them to gather at the Nelson's with their camping gear by Jack and Cindy would have their van packed and be ready to stow the boys' gear and leave immediately.

They would then drive about four hours south to a primitive campsite they were familiar with and set up camp. They were taking food for some meals but the boys would have to fish for food for others. When the day of the trip arrived, Jack headed off to work, planning on leaving a couple hours earlier than usual. Cindy began packing their things into the van early enough to be able to relax by early afternoon. She left time for a leisurely shower and afterward dressed for comfort one of her khaki uniforms of shorts with the legs rolled up as much as possible and shirt with her various patches sewn in place.

To keep the blouse from being too restrictive in the afternoon warmth, she left the top two buttons open, fastened the next two and left the bottom two open. It would show some skin but she had worked on her tan all summer and before losing it to a winter indoors, she liked the thought of showing it off.

Jason was the first to arrive with his bedroll over his shoulders and a rod and reel in hand. Greg walked up just a couple minutes later. Then Jamie's mom dropped off Jamie and Steven, waving at Cindy before she pulled away.

Jack arrived before she had turned the corner and Walter came running through yards, afraid that he was late. With all their gear stowed in the van, the boys sorted themselves out in the second set of captain's chairs and the back bench while Jack and Cindy took the front seats, although Cindy swiveled her chair around to be able to talk to the others while Jack drove. Cindy kept up a light chatter throughout the drive but couldn't help but notice that the boys' eyes were fastened on her.

They seemed to focus most on her long smoothly tanned legs and every time she crossed them or changed positions, they stared with renewed intensity. Their gazes were unbroken The young men, also wearing their uniform shorts and shirts, had no way to hide their reactions to Cindy's obvious sexiness, although they held their hands in their laps or tried to keep their legs crossed in such a way that it wasn't so obvious but it did little to hide the fact that all five of them had tents in their shorts.

Cindy appeared not to notice, simply smiling at each of them and continuing her conversation. When they arrived at the campsite, everybody pitched in to make camp. They cleared the ground for their tents. Jack and Cindy were using a larger tent than the boys, who were using very Spartan coverings, barely large enough to get their bedrolls laid out. They found boughs of trees that could be cut off and laid under the bedrolls for cushioning.

They gathered enough large stones to form a fireplace, then brought wood for cooking, even though Cindy also had brought along a camp stove. Dinner that evening was a very satisfying meal of roast-your-own hotdogs followed by roasted marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate, a delicious desert. Afterward they sat around the campfire and talked until everyone wound down and decided to turn in.

Friday morning, the boys and Jack were all up early and walked down to the small river about a half mile from camp where they set about trying to catch their lunch. Cindy got up a little later and decided to take a bath before starting breakfast.

She took her fresh clothes and towel and walked to the river. When she spotted the boys, she turned and went around a small bend where she found a sand bar that would be perfect.

The water was clear and slow moving and when she stepped into it, she was quite happy with the temperature — slightly cool but just enough to be refreshing. She swam and splashed in the water for a half hour, seemingly oblivious that the boys could see her naked body. When she finally climbed out of the water, she stood on the sand bar and dried, taking her time to make sure that every part of her body was completely wiped down before she stepped into her bikini bottoms and pulled on a thin white t-shirt.

As she started back to the campsite, all five of the boys stared at her. The little bikini bottom was nothing more than a little string between her buttocks and was usually not visible, making it look like she was nude. All five of them had been sporting hard-ons in their shorts since they had first spotted her disrobing to step into the water and she had done nothing that would discourage their conditions. Jack noticed that the boys, who were standing in two feet of moving water, had changed from casting upstream and letting their lures float down river to casting downstream and reeling each cast back in.

They almost seemed disappointed each time they caught a fish. Jack couldn't help but smile at their discomfort. By the time Cindy called the men to breakfast, they had caught a nice sized mess of small trout, enough at least for lunch. They trudged back to camp and watched in amazement as Cindy finished cooking and dished up their food.

Her heart-shaped bottom was on display for all eyes and when she moved, her heavy tits swung from side to side within the confines of the light t-shirt, which then conformed to their luscious shape each time she stood up straight. Cindy noticed the young men's stares and had no doubt what they were staring at. But she just smiled and served their food, then sat nearby with a plate for herself.

As she ate, she queried them about the fishing, seemingly still oblivious to their awkward stares. After they ate, the boys fell all over themselves trying to help Cindy clean up. When there was nothing left to do, they took the fish back to the river and cleaned them, dropping the filets into plastic bags to be put on ice until they were cooked later.

They talked in hushed tones about how hot Mrs. Nelson was and joked about having problems with their shorts. They were unaware that Cindy had sneaked close enough behind them to hear their comments, which widened her smile. The rest of the day Cindy seemed to be putting her sexy body on display for the boys In the afternoon, the whole group took a hike through the park, identifying various types of flora by leaves, tree bark, roots, anything that could be used to identify the plants.

Cindy complimented the boys on how well they had learned their plants and they were able to find only a few samples of plants that they put into their knapsacks to identify later. Cindy found ways to stay close to the boys, close enough to frequently brush a big tit against a boy's shoulder or arm or let their thighs touch as they examined plants.

When they finally retired for the night, Cindy and Jack turned their bed so they could see the boys' tents through their own open screen door. Although the boys tried to be quiet, there was enough moonlight to see their tents jiggling as the young men jacked off in the semi-darkness. Cindy kissed Jack with relish, then climbed on top of his own erection and slowly, quietly rode him until they both came.

It would be enough for the time being. Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, a glorious day. As on the prior morning, Cindy took her clothes to the same sand bar and stripped naked for a refreshing swim in the cool water.

When she climbed out and dried, she again put on a string bottom that left her backside more exposed than covered. The white material contrasted with the tan of her skin so much that it was like a flag drawing attention to the covered part. She put on one of her scouting shirts but instead of buttoning it, she pulled the shirttails together and tied them loosely at her waist. The shirt covered her boobs but left plenty of ammunition for vivid imaginations. As she worked over breakfast, her heavy tits swung back and forth even more than under the t-shirt.

The boys, back from their fishing without having to be called, sat around the campsite ostensibly trying to warm themselves at the fire but she knew they were watching her.

She caught the gaze of one or another at various times, simply smiling at him when she did. After clean up, the morning's activity was trying to locate edible food for meals later that day. Jack said he wasn't feel real good so he was going to stay in camp and try to get a little more sleep to see if that would help. Cindy went with the boys, carrying some plastic bags to hold their finds.

Once they were on the fringes of the park, they found a number of berry vines that still sported some edible berries. They gathered enough for Cindy to make a pie for dinner dessert.

Soon after that they found a plethora of wild onions. Since Cindy was planning on making a stew of whatever they came up with, they gathered quite a few of the small bulbs for the pot.

They found other plants in smaller quantities, enough to nicely supplement the vegetables Cindy had brought.

Lots of sex that's why. The title says it all. Finally Jason turned to me and said that he was getting pretty tired and was I ready to hit the sack. I suck him hard and fast for a moment, then slow down. The evergreen trees greeted them and after a very short hike, they were at the campsite for the night.

Boy scouts camp sex story

Boy scouts camp sex story

Boy scouts camp sex story

Boy scouts camp sex story

Boy scouts camp sex story. Introduction:


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Boy scouts get rough. I Love Corey, Chapter ten. Straight to Hell : Chapter 3.

Boy scouts camp sex story

Boy scouts camp sex story

Boy scouts camp sex story